May 6, 2008

Fat, fatter ... fattest !

Fat and cholesterol is some issue that has been suddenly thrown onto us with arteriosclerosis and cardiac arrest cases being on the rise.

I at times wonder how many of us have it in us to believe that sticking to the rules will help us have a longer life. I feel that however one tries, there are left even more ill affecting items on earth now to help take us towards the various diseases as fat and cholesterol can. Then why even bother with them when you know that many a times, your body might be receptive to these external factors or at many other times there might be no effect at all! Each body also seen to be affected by varying external factors which usually are not predetermined and to whatever extend we try to predetermine them, we term it as hereditary.

So many oils comfortably state “ 100 % Cholesterol free”, which even I am aware of, as cholesterol is produced only once within the body! Why would it be there in the oil which is sold? Looks like they are trying to pull the health string and also remain in the clear with their marketing statements.

How many of us actually knew this that cholesterol is made only within the human body? I knew that it was made within the body but was not sure of the path mostly followed in its production cycle.

Even in its production it seems that there are some oils/ lipids which tend to cause the production of LDL (Low Density Lipids) and there are some other fats which result in the formation of HDL (High Density Lipids). The HDL is considered way better than the LDL for the body as LDL can not be transported through the blood and hence tends to accumulate! That’s how all that cholesterol lines our poor arteries and cause very high level strain to the heart in pumping the blood through these now narrow arteries to the rest of the body.

So maybe there might be some hope in preventing it if we stick to taking in those fatty stuff which will hopefully result in more HDL vs LDL. We can’t give up the fat ( all tasty stuff are fatty), so why not make a wee bit of a compromise!

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  1. Here in the States they have taken to labeling foods 'No Trans Fats' in great big letters. Foods such as donuts, and fast food burgers and fries. This gives people a false sense of health, as if eating these foods is now okay because there are none of those horrible trans fats in them. While this might make them slightly less unhealthy, the fact remains these are still fatty foods and still not healthy to eat.
    People still consume vast quanitites of these foods, because I believe they want to believe it's okay for them to eat these foods now.


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