June 24, 2011

10 day challenge - Ten Secrets

I have never done challenges, have been an avid reader of those who do the NaBloPoMo, but couldn't convince myself that I would be able to see it through. 

Today, I saw Preeti's blog and she was doing a 10 day challenge, so I thought why not. So, here we go, initiated into the challenge blogging line! One post every day and the posts will be as per the challenges listed in the picture below.

Ten Secrets

1. I am the kind who would strive to keep in touch, but when some of my friends did not have time I have carefully slunk off and now interact only with those who have the time. 

2. I am a huge fashion addict, though I am slightly timid to try all the hi- fashion out there.

3. How much ever I convince myself that I need a great wardrobe, I never can get myself to buy something over 2000 rupees (except saris), how much ever I try. 

4. I love gadgets, be it phones, laptops, tablets, mp3 players etc.

5. I do not think I can possibly pass a day without sending a sms.

6. I am a bowl of contradictions, love silence but I need to go out a party in a while.

7. I had a very bad college education experience, and a part of me believes that that was solely responsible in shaping me to be what I am today.

8. I am very vain, obsess greatly about my weight and looks. In fact, this was one of my greatest fears during pregnancy, would I be able to get back to shape?

9. Swimming is the only sport for which I will get up at 5 in the morning.

10. I strive to have a beautifully decorated house, but I know I need to go a long way in achieving it.


  1. Loved your secrets!
    Same pinch for No.3,No.1, No.8,No.10 (though no.10 i have achieved)

    Surprised about no.7

    Thanks for doing it :) and for the mention :)

  2. This is nice and interesting! I feel like taking it up too!:)

  3. @Preeti: Loving this challenge, Preeti
    @Swaram: Please do...

  4. hope u have the dreamhouse soon!


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