June 25, 2011

10 day challenge - Nine Loves

This was a very difficult list. I had not really given great thought to what were those things which I loved, but by the time I reached Point 9 on the list below... I had a few more to list, and I had to choose between my loves :)

1. My first love is 'love' itself. I feel that is something which helps one to stand ground under any circumstance. If you do not have love in your heart, and if you do not feel loved, I think life can be very tough to live.

2. I love to watch and listen to rains even when they are downpours its all the more nice with the water spraying on your face.

3. I love animals, have been a dog lover all my life, had a cat (Whisky) for 2 years, a rabbit(Nelly) for 1 year and now hoping to get a hamster or an aquarium. 

4. I am a huge fan of shopping. I can spend a lot of time browsing through online catalogues or even weave my way through shops and pick up absolutely nothing at the end of it all.

5. I love footwear and this is one item for which  I think I do end up spending more than what I should be! And heels dominate my shoe rack, and I still think I do not have enough.

6. I love my height. I think this is a very funny thing to love, but its true. I get compliments for it, I am able to carry off many things solely because of my height.

7. I love colorful cushions. Cushions of varying sizes strewn around is what would be a lovely room for me.

8. I love to read though my quota of reading has been greatly reduced in the past years, and is slowly picking up now.

9. I love to travel, and planning trips. 6 years in Delhi had me traveling quite a bit to the North of India, and now 3 years in Bangalore have had me cover various places around. East of the country is where I have not at all ventured to.


  1. Loved Pt.1 :)
    Can relate with u on so many points here - esp. 2,4,7,8,9 :)

  2. @ Swaram: Why don't you take this up ?? Will be fun!

  3. somehow I find fishes quite boring as pets :)


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