June 26, 2011

10 day challenge - Eight fears

I thought Nine Loves would be difficult, but I think listing my fears are more difficult. 

1. My biggest fear is losing someone I love so dearly… my parents, brother, B, best friends and now my baby girl, T. 

2. I do not mind dying even the next moment, but I fear being a vegetable and bed ridden. Or for that matter, I think I fear not being able to lead a normal life.

3. I fear for the safety of my girl. I have always wanted a daughter and bring her up to be a strong independent person, but deep within I have fears about the society and its treatment of women.

Apart from these I really do not have any other fears. There might be many things which might have me worried, but those are never the things which will always be at the back of my mind. 

I do not know whether its good or not to have too many fears, but thats how it is. 


  1. Your no.1 used to be my biggest fear too..Not any more.
    Even I found that i hardly fear anything!

  2. 1 is something I fear abt too!

  3. @Preeti: I think one fear I have not added is my fear of cockroaches!

    @Swaram: Its a big fear for me...

  4. I share all your fears, and I have some more :(


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