June 27, 2011

10 day challenge - Seven wants

Don't we all want a lot of things? I have so many things which I would love to have.. many of them things which I really do not need, and some others which would just make me go aaahhhhh :) Its all a balance between the logical mind and the emotional mind !

1. Again something linked to my loves, I want to have a beautiful home which I will be proud of. In fact a beautiful home, decorated to my tastes. A garden pruned and cared for and a small patio.

2. Someday, I want to have a pet dog. I have not really thought which breed, maybe a lhas apso, beagle or a cocker spaniel. I love big breeds like german shepherd and danes, but unless I have sufficient space, I do not think I would want to get a big breed.

3. As of now, I want to get back into shape, get into a good exercise regime, even if its not everyday. I am thinking swimming will be an easy option, and with results in the least amount of time. And to top it, I love to swim !

4. I want to go for the Literary fest in Jaipur some day.

5. I want to help cultivate a reading habit in T, so I hope to read to her rhymes, stories and other children's books from a young age.

6.  I want to visit a new place every year, which means I want to go for minimum one vacation to any place within or outside India.

7. I want to sponsor the education of a girl till whenever she wants to study. 


  1. Simple achievable wants! May they all come true!

  2. I so wanna do 4 and 6 too :)

  3. amen :) i started this one today too

  4. Awesome, very noble thoughts :-)


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