February 4, 2011

A wedding to remember

It is really nice to be part of your very close friend's wedding..and that means not just attend the wedding function, but to also be there to share all the festivities and your friend being the bride, all the bridal anxieties surrounding the wedding too. I recently attended an extremely close friend's wedding and this is one wedding I would not have missed for anything. The fun and laughter of dressing up, the feeling of being there when she needed her friends the most… I had two of my closest friends for my wedding, and I think that truly made a huge difference for me to keep my sanity through everything.

Her wedding was at Krishangarh which is a 100kms from Jaipur on the Jaipur- Ajmer route. So we got to Ajmer from Delhi by the Ajmer Shatabdi and then off to Krishangarh on road. We did have some train issues initially with our initially planned train reservations facing issues, as the train was over 8 hours delayed due to some unforseen bridge collapse. Anyhow, we got to the venue on time, and now about the venue of the wedding - Krishangarh. 

Krishangarh is famous for marble and a lot of stuff made with marble too, like pooja setups, decorative items, planters etc. The things being heavy was the main constraint for me to get anything from there, though I must add they were available at very reasonable prices. The Ajmer railway station where we reached from New Delhi had some interesting pieces of architecture just outside the exit and we spend a good 10 mins looking around while waiting for our ride to Krishangarh to arrive. 

The wedding was with its fair share of running around, fun and frolic.… and here are some great pictures of the various festivities, from my friend getting ready for the mehendi to all the way to walking up to the podium to exchange garlands.


  1. That looks like an amazing experience! I love the henna tattoos!

  2. Love the pictures! Just like in Moonsoon wedding :)

  3. @Jan: The henna is a very intrinsic part of Indian weddings... and they are quite elaborate... the one shown here took close to 3-4 hours to complete.

    @Devil Mood: Yes... it was like Monsoon wedding... all the fun and confusion too!


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