February 20, 2011


Here are some things which always come to my mind, but its nothing too important to deserve a post for themselves... so here goes the mixed bag!

After using 'n' number of conditioners to manage my mane and to give it that perfect bounce, I have decided the only thing that works for my hair is Livon. I use the one for normal hair, which has olive oil, and keeps my wavy/curly hair under control and with a shine. Finally... I have a hair product which I do like!

Puliogre is a great dish, tasty simple and the MTR puliogre mix is a great boon for quick meals. I have been using this for some time and the taste is phenomenal. Saying that, I need to start looking out for some daily recipes and try different things so that its interesting to cook dinner. I am starting by following some great cookery blogs, and also by following some shows on Travel & Living. 

I was under the impression that post marriage I shall get to wear quite a few sarees, but now it has come to the point that I do wear my sarees only when its an ocassion, or for some formal evening dinner. This is far below the level I had hoped for.. and I do not know what to do about it. I guess its just that we do not have such plans, where I can easily wear sarees, and be approriately dressed. Maybe I should get some simple sarees which might be worn more... what say?

I have 3 books which are to be read, and I just do not seem to get started. Shantaram, Three cups of tea and I still just ordered Life is what you make it. I hope to start one of them by tomorrow.

With regard to the pregnancy bit, one thing I do not have is any maternal feeling. I know I am to take care of the baby and he/she would need me the most, and I am willing to put in my very best. But, is there any love which I feel, I do not think so. Is it normal?

Another deal which I do not understand is how some moms seem to find time for themselves, especially in the first few months, and some are so sleep deprived and running around. I have seen both sides, and I know both cases do not have any household help, apart from parents/in laws staying with them, who just help in the running of the household. This makes me wonder how I am going to handle this whole bit come May...

Your thoughts on the above, please...


  1. heh I do not think you will 'feel' all maternal just yet.... maybe after the baby is here!!! it will kick in naturally before u can even realize it

  2. All your feelings are quite justified sweets... I didnt have any feeling either until I practically started taking care of Ved on my own...
    Making time for ur ownself is just a matter of setting your routine... Once u inderstand that, you will be loaded with time and sleep routines will b set.

    There is nothing right or wrong if you adapt a different pattern for ur routine.. Its a mere matter of perception

  3. Hey Aathira,

    I didn't get all those mommy feelings till Ash was born. In fact even after she was born, I'd heard that many moms cry after looking at the baby's face the very first time, but I was like 'Oh Ok, good she is out finally' ;)
    And seriously? Are there really women out there who find time for themselves in the first few months??!! WOW!! I'm amazed.
    All the Best Aathira! :)


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