February 18, 2011

Black Swan - Movie Review

After a very long time, I have seen a great movie which has totally hit me hard. Black Swan is a very artistic depiction of how you can play games with a weak mind, especially if your overall confidence level is low. 

The story is of a ballerina, who lives with her mother, and is pushed by her mom ( a former ballerina) to achieve the best. But, she does not seem to have the confidence as she has always lived a sheltered life, and this does not prevent her from doing something very out of character, as she very badly wants to play the lead in the opening season performance. The piece is called Swan lake, where there is a beautiful girl trapped as a white swan, and the spell will be broken only when a prince falls in love with her. There is the black swan which depicts evil, which seduces the prince and makes him fall in love with it, resulting in the white swan being betrayed and killing herself. The director of the piece strongly believes that she completely embodies the white swan, but he is not confident of her capability to portray the black swan convincingly. Through the story we see how the white and black swan personalities are seen on Natalie Portman, as she herself seems to transform from the white to the black swan.

Lovely music, dance and the undercurrent of the mind playing games makes it an engrossing watch.

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