July 22, 2010

Winds of change

I made many friends through college and school. And the percentage of friends with whom I am in touch with are higher from school than from college! This is a funny observation which I made when I was sitting one day on the balcony and thinking.

Many who I called friends in college are on my Facebook for sure, but I do not have any other consistent mode of communication with them. This makes me wonder, is it because when we are in college, we are older and hence realize that when we leave college, in most probability you shall lose contact with these college friends too. And, while in school, we are too naive to realize this and fight to keep in touch, which also makes us feign an attempt at keeping in touch with school friends more. I am not sure whether this is true, but just a thought which crossed my mind.

Something which I want to do starting today is, try to severe all those connections in real life which are just the Facebook connections. Let them remain on Facebook, I do not want to take the pains of writing a mail, or dropping and sms and not receiving any reply for either. As I say this itself, I see it as a harsh and difficult step to take, but I think I need to do this so that I free up time and thought.

I have 10 friends who I am on a constant contact with, and I wish to build on these relationships rather than trying to keep in touch with a total of 20 people. I have decided that if anyone wishes to keep in touch, then they can take a step forward and I shall surely take one forward. But, I do not want to take the first step to be left waiting.

This is a change which I need to bring about in myself.

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