July 14, 2010

Retarded Outlook

I am shocked that in a room where 15 people were sitting and having coffee/tea, they did not realize that the microwave was switched on for 3 minutes with nothing what so ever inside.

I have seen this happen many a times, someone keeps an X item for 5 mins and stops it in between at 3.5 minutes. They remove the X item and then shut the door, which results in the microwave proceeding to finish the rest of the 3.5 minutes with nothing to heat inside. Another variation of the incident which I have seen is that the person shall switch off the main power after removing the X item, which results in the microwave being set at 3.5 minutes, and the next person who wishes to use it being shocked to see the microwave start on its own when the door is shut!

I am sure it is not who ever uses the microwave does not understand the technology, its just that they do not care as its the office equipment!

This is such a retarded outlook to things!


  1. Hmmm.. often people are like just "don't care" when they don't own it.

  2. You're right about that. Most people think "so what if the power goes waste, I'm not paying for it anyway."

  3. is at your office?? that explains it..people are not concerned about office stuff just cuz they have not bought it.

  4. Sigh! If only we learn to value things that don't belong to us too :(

  5. we see many such instances in our daily life...

    in my office, they boil eight cups of water for preparing two cups of tea...inspite of conveying several times to heat only the required qty, it recurs...

  6. We once lived where electricity bill was fixed (slab wise) - and I saw people using hot plates to cook entire meals.

    My microsoft does not continue if paused even by opening the door - unless I press 'start/pause' button again.

  7. LOL! Its actually more to do with absent-mindedness really :-) not that I do it, but I know tons of people who do :-)


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