July 7, 2010


There was a time in high school when all I received in my email inbox was FWDs. But, now, what I mostly receive is newsletters, subscription mailers, offer mailers, and in between all that junk, what the dear people in my life send. Another added feature is that now everyone one generation older are the ones who send me FWDs... be it about the bad luck if you don't send it to 13 people, or the health hazards of soya milk, KFC chicken source in depth analysis, etc.

This makes me wonder, is it the start of the internet phase and the information available, which makes you gullible to these facts. Initially I used to think it was because I was a high school girl, who would believe that maybe not sending it to 15 people would mean I would have bad luck for 15 years, but on seeing my mom also sending it to 15 people I wonder...

What are the different categories of emails you receive?


  1. Sending it to 15 people or else ...... is one category. It goes to show how flimsy minded they are.....their faith is taken for a ride.
    Blindly forwarding mails is another category. They believe in all that is dished out to them.
    There is a provision to check if a mail is Hoax or not.
    Then there are some who forward some genuine fun mail and if its worth a laugh nothing like it.

  2. I also got several fwded mails. I didnt believe in these type fwding. If u didnt fwd, it will harm to u ...WTF??????

  3. Argh, I hate those fwd emails, especially the ones about good/bad luck. If I get them I immediately erase them - I don't like to bothered with them so I shall not do the same to other people.
    Fortunately I don't receive too much in that category, it's mostly newsletters and personal emails, lots of ebay annoucements too.

  4. Well you have grown up in the email age and so you received all this send to 15 etc in email..

    i rememberinmy childhood we used to get postcard with GODs name and asking us to do the same and sent it to 15 people etc...

    Only the mode has changed...

  5. i like the good forward mails ..never forwarded those chain mails. now I receive all sorts of notification from WP,Twitter,FB :)


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