July 8, 2010

A sinner in me

I have read so many posts on the gender stereotype tag, and many a times I wondered what would my list be like. Richa from Grad Life tagged me and here is me rattling away my share.

1. I hate wearing salwars, churidhars and all that fall into that category. I prefer jeans, trousers, skirts, and if I have to wear something Indian, it shall be by default a saree.

2. I do not like cleaning, putting things back in place and the usual household activities, I do not mind doing it when there is someone with me doing it, but I do not at all think its a part of me.

3. I have done my fair share of jumping walls, gates etc and I can do it even today if I have to.

4. I enjoy playing video games, started it when I was in class 5 and I still do  when my brother is in town. I have played games on the Sony Sega, Nintendo Console, PS 1 & 2, PSP and the Nintendo Wii.

5. I do not like pink t shirts, pink belts, pink ear rings, I wear what I like be it red, purple, blue, black or white. My wardrobe is never filled with girly colours, usually bold colours I would say.

6. I have no qualms of walking around in shorts when out shopping. I do not think that its the just the men who have the right to be comfortable. Just that my shorts might be a lot more shorter than theirs ;)

7. I love gadgets....recently got the Macbook Pro as my birthday gift. I am very specific about my cellphones, I need to know all the features, and most of the times, I have a list of things which I am looking for, and no sales person can deter me from that.

8. A complete animal lover. My wish is that I get to have a job wherein I am in contact with animals. That would be my perfect job :)

9. I hate sweets, Indian sweets especially with their sugar overload. Chocolates are accepted as last resorts.

Now on the alter side,

a. I apply makeup, lightly but almost every day of my life.

b. I like to sew and bake

c. I love shopping, and every few weeks I tend to feel I have no clothes!

d. I love being driven around and treated like a lady

e. I would love to get flowers, and I know I become teary eyed when I do.

As to pass on the tag, I do not know of many people who have not done it, so anyone who wishes to pick it up, feel free to. Let me know in the comment section that you would be picking it up, so I can come by and reads your sins!


  1. a variable quantity that can be resolved into components - u r really a vector

  2. I too have jumped gates :D

  3. Most of us seem to defy stereotypes, in more ways than one, don't we :)

    You sew! Wow! That is impressive!

  4. Household chores are mind numbing. And no season is cool enough for churidars and salwars!!Plus you are expected to iron them.

    Never had to scale walls, would simply walk out of the gates.

    And a loud applause for sewing and baking!! Where is my slice?

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  6. I want to hear more about the situations in which you've had to jump over walls! This whole sewing and baking thing seems like a facade for a very exciting secret life you may lead. ;)

  7. Dear Sinner, whenever you find time from jumping walls and walking around in Not-pink shorts with gadgets in your hands, please join SAGS on facebook and do leave a link to this blasphemous post for other sinners to read and find solace in :)


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