July 26, 2010

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

A backdrop of Nazi soldiers, Hitler's regime, Jews and concentration camps. A girl who has lost her mother, brother and all to communism. She is put with foster care in one of the oldest, poorest streets of Munich. Her life changes and through her eyes, narrated by Death, we see the life and hardships of a German family. We see how the thoughts in Hitler's mind are not those in every Germans mind, how poverty and strikes them during this war, and how all they care about is their family and not whether they have a Jew living next door.

There are so any facets which are covered in this book, a girl growing up, making friends in a new place, learning to love and trust her foster parents, learning to read and falling in love with books, befriending the mayor's wife to read books, falling in love, watching people die in front of her eyes, etc.

The book moves through the lives of many people, and show their day to day lives, how the war affected them, their children, and what they went through to keep it as normal as possible for them.

As it says on the cover, its a story told by Death, how can you not listen. During many pages, one forgets that life of all these people is seen through the eyes of death, but in between our memories are refreshed with a sudden death and the details of how Death has a role to play, especially in a country ridden in war.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, its an easy read, but you are compelled to move with the story and see whats in store in the next pages. I also liked of the book was divided into parts, giving a illusion of a slice of life from each character.


  1. This is soooo my kinda book.. Will try to get hold of it next week :-)

  2. Lovely review. I came here through your link at BookReviews at BookRack

  3. I love the way, writers are thinking nowadays. Read a book where the protagonist gets a blank diary which writes on it's own.

  4. story told by Death? Interesting.


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