October 14, 2009

Pondicherry aka Puducherry

The weekend of October 2nd, we went to Pondicherry or as known in the surrounding areas, Puducherry. We did not start early, nor had we planned anything what we would be doing there on reaching. We had just made the reservations at Le Maison Blanche.(This was the only place we were getting rooms at such short notice) The rooms were ok, but the A/c was not working and that was not a good thing as its quite balmy in Pondicherry, not what I expected maybe in the month of Sept - Oct. I heard that the weather rarely goes better than that and it usually is struck with very humid and hot summers and the time period from oct - dec is the most comfortable for walking around a a visit. Apart from the A/c, the rooms were good, breakfast was very sumptuous and the swings and outdoor areas of the house was to die for. The plants and old furniture really did add to the whole place and each room had pictures of Hindu gods ( I do not know why). The only reason for this I could think of was , they got these pictures with the house and decided to evenly distribute it through the house.

We did not get to visit too many places, but what I did see was the beach, the Promenade ( Hidesign hotel), L'Orient, the lovely amazing shopable market, and a sand statue of Gandhi to commemorate Gandhi Jayanti.

I shall not go to into too many details, but here are some pictures of our lovely vacation. One thing though I should say is that there were these toy lights which were being sold at the beach, and you can just swirl it behind someone and make it look like a halo!

And, that is exactly what is happening here :)

Here is the sand statue of Gandhi ji

The church on the beach side.

Something interesting to remember and very apt for a coastal town I thought.


  1. You wrote "we went to Pondicherry or as known in the surrounding areas, Puducherry." Actually it is other way round, "we went to Puducherry, or known to English world as Pondicherry", isn't it?

  2. @Keshav: Well.. what I meant was the exact opposite... surrounding areas meaning Tamil Nadu and bordering Karnataka areas, where as we, the English speaking refer to it as Pondicherry :)

  3. Some one is having a lot of fun.. !! the sand sculptures look lovely !! :)

  4. I like the halo :)

  5. did you visit aurobindo ashram?

  6. oooh nice pics...esp. the one with the halo!! And I didnt know that Pondy was actually Puducheery. Shame on me :-(


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