October 14, 2009

The Egg factory

Egg Factory is a small quaint place located off St. Mark's Road, Bangalore. This is one place which I have been frequenting lately for breakfast on many Saturday mornings after I came across Egg Factory on Burrp when I was looking for some place to go other than Koshy's for a brunch on a Saturday. We went there and were so suprised to find so many variations with just eggs and vegetables as the prime ingredients.

The have omelettes, frittatas, pastas, sandwiches, biriyanis, bhurjis and rice and curry preparations. The options in each of these categories in itself are numerous. They open at 8 am for their early breakfast crowd, and are open till 11 pm. Over the many visits, the one favourite amongst us, is the Canneloni (tube pasta) stuffed with egg and bell peppers, this is certainly one item to visit this place for.

They also have some real interesting specialities all the way from the university town of Manipal. The various items are unique and the names are something I have not heard of not even once!

Here is the Parsi special egg bhurji called Akkuri

This is the Spaghetti with scrambled eggs, this was also yumm!

This is called the Keshto, a Manipal University special. They say it might have got its name from some ingenious student!


  1. dont do this... cruel... !!!

    that Akuri.. or Bhurji is a speciality of my home town.. Bharuch.. the PArsi's landed there remember !!!!!!

    we all bharuchi's claim that the whole country doesnt serve such a bhurji as in our town !!!!

    I am a fan of eggs... !!! the good thing is I m going ot my hometwon tomorrow !!!!! phew...

  2. @Hitchy : Please share the recipe... I loved this bhurji so much, in fact now I have such a strong craving for it, I shall go there tomor morning before office!( and mind you, its no where close to office:( )

  3. The food looks yumm. I need to ask my cousin about this Manipal Univ special, he studied there.
    I love to eat brunches (psst - I'm too lazy to cook breakfast and then lunch ;))

  4. Aathira, Egg is my favorite. There was a time when I loved only two things: Potato and Eggs. I wanted Mutta-aviyal with rice, Potato or Egg with Poori.

    Now of course I eat any edible stuff but your pictures are so drool worthy. Going to have some eggs now. :D

  5. I will get a parsi friend of mine to do this guest post... although I know how to cook... I would love her to do this recipe... let me get her into it... !!

  6. Hi...I own The Egg Factory and came across this...The picture of the Akoorie I think is wrongly titled. This looks more like another Manipal special- Bread Masala.

    @Mesoliloquy- We have a nice Bengali Potato and Egg curry..maybe this would interest you.And Mutta-Avial if you can let us know a original recipe we could do it in the restaurant :-)

  7. Hi. coming here after a long time. rarely see you nowadays! :)
    I don't live in Bangalore but visit there at times. I love this type of snacky food and will keep this one in mind!

  8. wow this looks so good must go there

  9. MMHB: I know.. I am huge fan of brunches!

    Solilo: Reminds me its been sometime have visited the Egg Factory, so need to visit soon :)

    @Monika: Its an awesome place... do visit:) Ojas will love their burgers...

    @Nita: I have been busy with wedding preps, but I want to really come back to the blog... and I do try in between :)

    @Reema: Its very yumm, Reema :)

    @Kitchen Accidental: I would gladly get the recipe from my mom and pass it on to you :) Do let me know when you will be around next week!( I shall be heading home this weekend)


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