October 26, 2009

What have I been upto?

Another whirlwind of shopping is what has happened over the past week... and as I see I am going to be in all probability decked in gold such that on wearing a saree the only skin visible would be on my face! I guess as my mom says, gold is an investment and do not see it as gold and jewellery, then I wonder why am I made to wear all of it! Anyways, there is nothing that can be done about it, so I shall not fret! Breathe in... breathe out ...

In between all this, to keep my sanity, I have been reading Wolf Hall. I thought why not, when its based ona very different setting and with a fair amount of history also embedded within. In fact I ordered this book a day before she got the Booker and since then I have been very thrilled and been wanting to start with it, and being at home just provides the perfect opportnity to do so. I must admit that I have really liked the hundred odd pages which I have read. I think I shall do small review on this once I am done with it.

To end this post, a snap of Whisky


  1. awwww playing hide and seek? Kiss to whisky!

  2. Whisky just reminded me of what my daughter used to do till she was 3..may be even now. Sho chweet!

  3. Your Amma is right! Gold is an investment. And I am sure you will look gorgeous in all that finery :-) Waiting for more pics :-) And, where did you do your shopping?

  4. Lovely snap :) I feel like heading home and resting like that nw :P

    Njoy the shopping trips :)

  5. Aathira, if I am not mistaken you cat is named Whiskey. I cannot help but tell you that this is what I had named my cat who has passed away now. Her son was Shandy who was killed by a car in front of my house. Its many years ago, when I was in college but my Whisky even looked like yours!

  6. aww..thats such a cute pic.. u want more help in keeping that sanity? get a opy of undomestic godess or eat pray love

  7. @Reema: She was sleeping, and I guess she was not happy with the tubelight being switched on!

    @Solilo: I think this is one of the most amazing poses I have captured :)

    @Swaram: Cats sleep so much.. its not funny... I think they sleep every other hour!

    @ Writerzblock: Most of my gold shopping has been from Cochin, and sarees are widespread... from Cochin, Coimbatore, Bangalore and also from Delhi.

    @Nite: Yes, my cat is named Whisky. I love the name for a cat, and my mom really thinks I am crazy calling out for Whisky in the middle of the day!

    @chrningthewordmill: Thank you so much :) I just picked up 2 more books to keep me company till december.

  8. I remember wearing the minimum required gold for my wedding, and getting cursed by all in-laws :)

    Will wait for the book review.

  9. We are all posting our cat pictures!! Whiskey hates light while sleeping?

  10. that is the single most cutest pic of whisky!!! :D

    my first visit to ur blog too had a post with whisky's snap! tee hee!

    hugsss :D

  11. Very cute Whisky :D Enjoy the wedding shopping! Sounds like you are having a blast... and you should :)



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