September 28, 2009

The cat and the walk

I was sitting and watching Fashion TV, and got me wondering, how do these girls who are mostly 16 or 17 walking the ramp all from Eastern Europe and Russia. I have always heard its because of the economic conditions, which make these girls leave their homes young, in the look out for money. Many of them even drop out of schools to leave the country and join the glamour world. Is the situation so bad? How come the state of these countries were never in the news as compared to the Koreas and Afghanistans of today?

All said and done, there is some wow factor when you see some of these models, maybe the ones which finally came out victorious from the thousands who enter this modelling world with all the dreams. When I think of models, I think CIndy Crawford, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Madhu Sapre,Mehr Jessia and Sheetal Mallar. When I see the VS models, I think how is it that these women can replace the people above so easily, or is it that these top models of yester years did not want to be a model for life.

There was a time when I was so enthralled by the whole glamour world, that I thought that after graduating from college, I should give it a shot, if not anything else, get a photoshoot done. Neither did I do it, and I don't think I would have been any good in their world also. Do you know what is the daily schedule for a model when they are working? I guess many would have a fair idea post the movie , Fashion. When I saw this movie, I truly loved it, and felt it touched so many lives, and sought to show the face behind the glamour that we see, admire and lust over on every magazine cover or billboard. There are so many things which we never even think about, and now atleast every girl with the model dream will have a better idea to what they are stepping into.

Its a difficult world, but when they do make it big, I think its worth it. Every profession has the risks involved and the ones which have the greater risks are the ones which do end up serving the bigger returns back to us.


  1. I liked that movie 'Fashion' too. I don't think anybody can be a model for life. I'm sure they want young models, with the perfect figures- not weighing an extra pound, and a new fresh look every time.
    I wanted to try my hand at modeling too, in fact I was more interested in doing fashion shows for our college to begin with. But my dad had put a stop to it right there, was totally against it. I don't regret it though.

  2. new theme? nice. Ahh so u r interested in fashion. when I read the 1st sentence I was like why do u watch FTV!!

  3. Very true .. no success without risks rt!

  4. @priyanka: I did my fair share of fashion shows in college and inter college and stuff. I loved it, that's for sure, but then didn't see myself as having the grit in me to fight through the whole process.

    @Reema: Yups, new theme! I like fashion and FTV at times has very nice shows, especially when they air Indian designers on international runways.

    @Swaram: Very true, indeed!

  5. I think it would be good day when we start showing real women on the ramp... I was watching Elizabeth Taylor is Cleopatra yesterday, and I was glad my daughter was watching it with me... she looked gorgeous, and no way was she a size zero :)

  6. so true aathira... all professions have risk and sacrifice involved...

    only, sacrifices would seem less taxing if the profession was by choice, and not because they have no other option :(

    i liked fashion too, i found few portrayals very stereotypical, but yes, it was a good attempt at showcasing the struggle behind that perfect cover photo that we ogle at.... :D



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