October 14, 2009

Are you an organizer??

Organizing events and functions is not every person's cup of tea/coffee. This Diwali, so many friends are organizing parties and get togethers and I sit and wonder whether I shall be able to do the same if want to.

There are some who are very good at it, to understanding the nitty gritties and also using all the surrounding people in their organizing agenda and making the whole event a grand success, where as there are some who just feel lost when you are left with the reins in your hands. I think, I belong to the latter kind, where as I know some amazing women who certainly for sure belong to the former.

A marriage is an event which requires large extend of logistical precision,and even in site of having wedding planners in many cases, there seems to be many issues which crop up from right under one's foot! There are always some requirements which have been forgotten to be mentioned, or worse still,wrongly understood. There have been marriages in the family, and I have always seen how the parents of the bride run around in a flurry trying to be almost at all places at the same time, trying to ensure every guest is taken care of.

Now with the preparations for my wedding on at full swing, I see and understand the numerous tasks which have to be completed and taken care of prior to the day of the wedding. These things have to be thought over and meticulously planned to ensure that the least number of glitches shall happen on the fateful day! Apart from the venue, caterer and decorations, there are also things like travel and stay arrangements which have to be taken care of. These arrangements to be done for the relatives and guests also differ to a great extend, else that too shall call for undue talks at a later point in time, most of which you shall hear from some third party and not directly. These things tend to irritate me, but I see amma just dealing with it as a mere reality and the way things are to be. I am sure I would have been more bugged and hence not getting any work done by the end of it all.

When I see amma doing all these things single-handedly, I am thoroughly amazed at how she manages them. My dad is not free, loaded with work stuff, which ends with amma having to take care of so very many things. And, to top it, the fact that she is not used to getting work done in India, makes the difficulty factor multiplied by 10! She has been at it for the past month, and I know she has had a fair number of problems, but the happiness of having to arrange for her daughter's wedding has pretty much erased all feelings of irritation at the snail's pace at which things are happening. All I pray is that it will turn out as beautifully as she has envisaged and she will be showered with compliments on doing the perfect wedding for her daughter.

Love you Amma!


  1. Organizing marriage is a real task. when is the d day?

  2. I think by experience it should come easily to organise events and functions. Only thing one should be prepared to do the leg work.

    Marriage is altogether a different cup of tea. There are always people who give unwanted comments..one should ignore..

    wishing you all success for your marriage function.

  3. I think organising improves with experience and enthusiasm :) I am sure your mom's joy in the event is the biggest motivator! If the daughter is happy and loves the day as one of the most important events in her life, I feel that will be the biggest satisfaction :)

    By the way, everything need not be perfect for the above :) We do our best and everybody must join to make the day special for the bride, nothing else is as important... best wishes and hugs both to your mom and you :)

  4. Aathira, Organizing marriage is such a huge task. I don't know how my parents did it. But yes! I am an organizer when it comes to parties. We throw lot of parties. Actually we used to but now reduced because our daughter and other things in life keep us busy.

    Still I throw prepare for both formal and informal dinner going to basics and also checking likes and dislikes of guests and also small gifts etc. Cocktail parties in Summer and baby shower for close friends. I have organized all and continue to do so. I love it. :)

  5. @Reema: December 26 09

    @Sunder: Thank you so much... I agree everyone has advise and no time to help with the execution!

    @IHM: Thank you IHM! I think I am loving all the stuff being done, and I wonder how the smaller things will pan out... but waiting to see it. Its a huge task... I was just never sure how it got to such a huge function.

    @Solilo: This is something which I want to do.. I want to throw parties and eventually get good at it!


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