May 8, 2009

In search of an elixir

Eyes look down
a dryness in the mouth
words choke up
a mind blank, maybe not

The mind has a plan
not a coherent one
the world has a plan
not yet revealed

Thinking of what to do
thinking of what can be done
thinking of what was done
thinking of how to pave a path

Thoughts creep up
but soon slide down
wonder what I search
unknown to me, and to you


  1. Sometimes life's uncertainty makes us so confused.

    BTW Aathira, did you finish your interior decor of your new apt.?

  2. I am still ongoing with the interior deco... I am going to do a post on it soon.

    I got two potted plants over the weekend,and I am hoping and praying hard they survive... and I do nothing wrong.


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