May 27, 2009

Closing my eyes . . .

I do not know what am I to do.

The astrologers say that Dec 13 will be the most auspicious day.

For her, the most important event is the taali kettu ( tying the mangalsutra) so that has to be done during this time.

For him, the most important event is the phere so that has to be done on the same day.

The taali kettu has to be in Guruvayoor (a famous temple near Cochin) as amma has said to the lord that she shall do that.

The phere have to be arranged at the same place for it to happen on the same day.

My brother will not be here from the US of A till Dec 26th, so anyday after that will be the rest of the wedding ceremonies.

His family does not understand how can you have the wedding ceremonies and then return back without the bride.

Amma will not have me going till the completion of all wedding ceremonies post Dec 26.

From his side, relatives flying in from abroad can not stay for over 10 days for the reception after the Dec 26th.

I am tired.

I do not know what am I to do.


  1. oh u r getting married!! congrats!

  2. Oh! now this is all confusing. So did everyone arrive at any solution?

    Kerala meets UP.

    Congratulations Aathira.

  3. Aathira !!!!
    Youre getting married ???????????????????????????????????????????????
    MARRIED ????

    OMG !!! congratulations !!!!

    and I wish I had some answers to your questions but no dear :(

  4. Thank you all... :)

    At times I feel amidst all this confusion, I forget what I want, and most important, I forget to be happy that I am getting married!

    I just pray that things shall unfold and form a smooth event at the end of all the confusions.

  5. Wow...U getting married...dont telle me...when n who's d lucky guy...Congrates Gal...:)

  6. my heartiest congratulations Aathira :D hugs

    with love around, remaining things things have their own way to be sorted beautifully and fall in place like u never imagined. stay calm...its all gonna be good!

    hugs & muahs!

  7. Congrats...

    Welcome to the world of married seems you have already started to get the taste of it...

    Bye bye care free life....

  8. Oh Congrats Aathira! Seems so confusing!!

  9. Really? You're getting married?
    To be fair, I wouldn't have guessed - I was so confused by all those opinions.
    So the most auspicious day will be on the eve of my birthday? Not fair.

  10. omg marriage cud be so complicated!! ee puthiya jeevithathine ente hridayam niranja aashamsakal.

  11. First of all CONGRATULATIONS !!! Thats fantastic news :)

    And you know, it isn't a wedding if there aren't any problems. Every wedding has its share of issues. So stay cool and don't think too much. Things will fall into place.

    Keep smiling girl, you are getting MARRIED! :)

  12. Don't worry.
    It all works out in the end!
    Best wishes.

  13. don't woory babe, once the stupid cos is over u'll hopefully remember only the good times!

    congratulations and a big hug!

  14. Thank you ... thank you... I am so happy myself that I am getting married... yippeee....

  15. :) reading backwards as u can guess maybe...

    you know what i realized after seeing my sister's and then my wedding..I was running like a headless chicken on her wedding day and on mine, all I was doing is smiling and thinking when will all this get over.

    Its easier to be a bride, i think... just stay cool and enjoy everything happening around.. the planning, the pampering, the shopping etc... just relax n keep the smile on.


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