May 5, 2009

How many times do you let the phone ring?

I have seen people letting the phone line connect and then allow the phone to ring over 20 times... making sure anyone in the vicinity would have turned deaf by then! And moreover, at times, in a matter of seconds the person will call back again. Why?

Wasn't it very obvious the person concerned was not at the seat, so maybe trying a different number, or waiting and calling in another half/one hour might just get the person concerned on the line for you !

How many times do you let the phone ring when you are calling someone?

5 times? 10 times? 20 times? or somewhere in between?

I usually let the phone ring just about 5-6 times, and by then if the person has not picked up, I assume they are busy and call back later. In fact, on cellphones I end up letting the line go through for just 4- 5 rings. They will anyhow get the missed call, and return the call!

Here too exceptions are there, like I know my mom would take sometime to dig her cellphone out of her handbag and attend the call :)


  1. Though normally i will cut the phone after say 6-7 rings, it depends on the person , time, etc,

    If you are calling a mobile, the person gets to hear the ring only after sometime ( ie when u hear the first ring, mobile is still silent) wheni call a mobile i will allow to ring for some more time then a landline...

    If you calling at nite, the person may not be near the mobile , so i will allow a little longer...

    If you are calling at late nite? say after 11 i will wait for 2-3 rings only..

    by the way if i am desperate to reach the person , i will never

  2. i think my comment was more lengthly then the blog?

  3. I too give my mom lots of time...she needs to find her hand bag and then hunt through it for he phone after all :P

  4. when i call i let it ring fully..but when calls come i pick it up fast. I dislike those who dont and dont even put the ringtome to slience.

  5. Don't people's phones have voice mails? I usually let it ring till it reaches the voice mail and then leave a message.
    And if they don't have it, then I guess about 10 times.

  6. 4 times -- hang up after the fith ring! Call back later.

    Sometimes a person does not want to answer the phone, and letting it ring and ring is just rude!

    I had somebody do the let it ring 10 times then hang up and call right back. I finally grabbed the phone and said "What?!". She asked if I had a minute to talk and I said "No." Then she still wanted to discuss what she called me for! Ugg.

    I have to admit that I was fairly abrupt and told her I was trying not to answer the phone, didn't have time, and would call her back later -- then I hung up.

    So some smart-alex person is going to say "don't you have voice mail". In fact I do, but it was not working. So assuming somebody's machine / service is eventually going to pick up is also just rude.

  7. if to a friend---->keep it ringing until busy tone comes or automatically disconnected :-)
    let me enjoy the song al shud have songs as caller tunes

    on a serious note, if calling a senior/imp person...3-4 rings and then disconnect


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