May 5, 2009

Emotional Atyachaars

Tagged by IHM, and a very interesting tag, so here goes...

1 to 10 of my Emotional Atyachaars

  1. Being an ardent animal lover, an everyday sight on the streets, which I completely despise is people scaring stray dogs away by throwing items at the poor stray just looking for some food even if it might be the waste on your plate
  2. Drivers not stopping for animals to cross the road. I feel there are very few occasions that one comes across an animal in the middle of the road, and I believe, if you just slow down a little, they will happily skip across to safety

    Now after the animal bit...

  3. I am quite finicky about people wasting water.. while washing dishes, having a shower, or when they simply do not close the tap properly
  4. In my kitchen, usually you will not see things lying about. Most of them are in their places. When someone uses my kitchen, I just expect it to be left the same way, and when it doesn't happen... X(
  5. I get thoroughly irked in an official setting, when people are not understanding to others' feelings and personal commitments
  6. Will never understand and want nothing to do with those who think that what a woman wears has anything to do with how anyone should behave with her

    Okie... now I got to admit, I am finding it a little difficult to go beyond this.. but these are some things which have happened in the past and I do know that I become extremely uncomfortable in these situations

  7. I feel really sad when grown up children speak rudely to their parents
  8. I get completely frustrated when someone remains silent after taking offence to something which I have (not) said/done
  9. I grit my teeth and clench my fists at road side romeos and their cuckoo whistling and loud laughter
  10. I never seem to understand those parents who sit on the pavement and make their kids perform at the traffic signal to earn the family bread... and I never give any coins here either. I think you should be dignified enough to move your a** and earn your living.. by doing whatever you can
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  1. Aathira, Agree with almost all points and 6, 8,9, 10 gets my goat too.

  2. Nice ones and a very interesting tag. Will let you know if I take it up.


  3. I feel equally strongly about the animal bit Aathira!!

    Saving water and even electricity is something I have drilled into my kids' heads!!

    Number 6 about how women dress...gosh this one makes me mad. And worst is when we hear women supporting such myths!!

    About parents making their children perform on the roads, I ignore them, but when I see kids alone on the roadsides, if I feel really bad, I catch a child and feed her, a banana, or a samosa or a vada-pao, right there in front of my eyes.
    No money and no feeding any adults ever.

    This tag shows that you are not a very angry person :)

  4. what's atyachaars? like pet peeves? 5, 6, 8 and 9 spoke to me. i don't like to admit it but i do no. 7 occasionally... it's something i find difficult not to do after a stressed day at work and i'm not sure how to go about it.

  5. I hate mess, I hate people who ask you "So, which state are you from?" and after a suitable pause "Father's name?" trying to slot you.

    Oh there are too many

  6. All those listed down are true to the word. There are a lot of things which I would like to add to the list.
    But then the world is not perfect...we will not be able to change people we can only change ourselves!!!

  7. @Sulz: Atyachaar is a pet peeve :)

  8. nice to know more about u.

  9. I agree with the dog ones. I always pull over & pick up the strays. :)


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