May 9, 2009

Gifting ideas, anyone?

A bunch of flowers? – She will like it, but naah, I think something nicer.

A book? – I just got her something interesting to read last month

Clothes? - That’s something she always seems to love :)

These are my thoughts, one day before Mother’s day.

I thought about sending her flowers as a surprise, but for some reason I did not want to send something which would wilt with time. Then that would land me a card, in fact I love cards. I have cards which were sent to me over 15 years back. That is something I would send anyways, but what about the gift that I want to buy?

I want to buy a mother-daughter or a family photo frame and get a recent picture and send it across. Or maybe I should wrap it in a nice kurta which she might like. That would be I guess perfect in her eyes :)

I choked up when I read this one, and offered a silent prayer for giving me the most perfect mom for me. Any question, and I ask her. Any confusion, and I talk to her. I am so grateful.

So now I shall start on that, and till I get done, if you have any other ideas, do drop a comment.


  1. Did you send the gift? If not how about an old picture of your mom and you. Very old..may be when you were in school or doing some goofy stuff. You can put it in a perfect frame and send it.

  2. guess i m late to suggest :)

  3. i usually just call up and talk to her for really long.. that was before the baby though.. now it was jsut a hurried phone call.. :-(

  4. Spent the day with mom!!! no other better gift than that!!!

  5. So Sweet!!!...Wat did u end up gifting ur mom :)

  6. I bought her a kurta and I am getting an old picture of both of us framed... as Solilo suggested. I am planning to get it mounted on board!

    She should be thrilled.. and maybe I shall pick up a book too.

    I am going to give it to her when I meet her on friday!

  7. am too too late :|

    me likes solilo's idea!

    hope ur mom loved all ur presents and had a great mothers day!! :)

  8. ok im late... too late to make suggestions for instead why dnt u just tell me wat u got her?

  9. So now I am ready with my gifts!

    I got her a book " The memory keeper's daughter". She was saying she didn't have too many books to read.

    I also am making her a tapestry (final stages) which reads " HUG THE COOK".

    I am planning to give her all this over the weekend :)

  10. I forgot to say... the photo did not work out as the printer said it would not be done in 2-3 days.. and he would be able to give it only after the weekend.

    I did not want to give her the tapestry now, wanted to get it framed and all.. but now giving it anyways.

    So, Kurta, book and tapestry.

  11. Hope you (and your mom) had fun on Mother's Day!

  12. Had a wonderful time post Mother's day! Gave her the gifts, which she loved. Got a small something for my dad too ( today is his birthday).


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