April 3, 2009

Work for money, or else?

Most people work to make money.

Few work to keep themselves occupied.

And some others work because they gather immense joy from it.

I have been thinking how important is it to be doing something which you feel for as compared to making money.

I guess when you are just working to keep oneself occupied, this might not be truly applicable; as here you had a choice where you would want to work, and you picked the place where you work in that case.

But, with those who work in high/decent paying jobs and learn to like the job rather than doing something which they like, I wonder how right/fine you feel in that case? Or is it better that you work where the money comes(as above) and then do alongside what you like(your passion)? Is that possible, considering the time constraints of work in itself and to top it with other things which one might wish to pursue in their free time. Many people opt to do things alongside their full time jobs, on lines of their choice, but there too I am certain many are faced with time constraints and hence one will eventually give less to the job which is not the full time position one holds.

Now there are some questions which buzz in my head when I think ' What am I supposed to be doing in life?'

Do I not like my job?
No. That is certainly not true, I have a nice boss, nice colleagues, and I like working on stuff which I am doing.

But, do I really feel strongly about what I am doing, do I see a plan in front of me on what I want to do?
No. In fact I am not even sure what I would like to do if I am to move on the lines which I am on as of now.

If I do stay on in the same line then there is that line which would be maybe another degree and then move into something which would appeal at that time. Those studies will take a pinch at the bank money, and then I would surely need a job which will ensure I treat that pinch.

And, if I do not stay on with it, and I decide that I should be doing something different, then too I would require some studies to start with, and then following that it would be a job which I might like. If I do, then that is a good thing, but then I still have to deal with the banking issue here too. So that means I need to ensure that I do have a suitably paying job!

When will this discussion end inside my head?

When will I finally decide what is the best option in front of me?

Maybe I need to be pushed into one thing and then I shall be fine with taking up the path which comes in front of me. A part of me wants to take the decision, as I feel that at the end you need to feel something towards the job that you do, else you really can not work well and complete to perfection what is expected of you. Or maybe not. I am thoroughly confused!

Whenever I look around, people who do their jobs well are either those who have been at it for such a long period, or else they have the drive in them as they adore completely what they do. I wonder what will work for me.

Working for money or accepting money for your work?
What do you aspire to do? Or, what is it that you are doing?


  1. i went through a similar experience like this. before i found my bookshop job, i was wondering what could i really enjoy doing. i've always wanted to teach but i was afraid if i do pick up a teaching job i might become disillusioned with the expectations i have.

    the bookshop job was something i never considered before but when the opportunity came up i just gave it a go. and look what happened! i feel as if i know what i want to do - at least, i do with the job i'll be working as soon.

    try scouring the classifieds and see if you find any job that sounds interesting to you. go for interviews and learn more about them, perhaps you might get lucky. :) good luck!

  2. What a thought provoking post!
    I think some people are able to stay motivated even in jobs that don't seriously interest them. Others need to be passionate about what they are doing to do well.
    Whatever it is if we truly love what we do there are definitely better chances of excelling, at the same time one has to be practical- if what we love to do does not pay well, then are we content to do what we love and have not that much money?

    I know I need to love what I do. Money won't matter :)

  3. I chose to do a professional course, not because i liked. i know only then i can earn decent salary...

    Money plays a great part in happiness....Money does not bring you happiness..but certainly lack of money brings misery....

    Anyday i feel work for money and do things you are passionate about...

    In life, we are never satisfied..and that motivates us..so the day we are satisfied, nothing shud be interesting..so its nice that you have many options to keep your grey cells working hard...

  4. sunder: Interesting. So you do something that you do not like, to keep the zest for life, and go on to do something interesting! :)

  5. At the end of the day , it is the mindset only..i didnt say , i am doing what i dont like...i meant, i didnt pursue what i liked the most...what i love more...

  6. sunder: Isn't love a higher rating than like? So ideally you are doing your top priority preference anyways!

  7. This is such a complicated issue. It is not only depending on how a person looks at the money vs. satisfaction equation, but also the importance that one attributes to work and work-life. Some people are naturally keen to keep busy and work, whatever they do, others get much more lost in the meaning of the work they're doing.

  8. Great post! I"m currently working for money while I try to figure out how to incorporate my passions into my career. It's tough!

    I just read Success Built to Last that talked a lot about this. Good book.


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