April 14, 2009

The Silent Analysis

Silence can be treated in many different ways, but I tend to see silence with apprehension. If you ask me why, I feel when I am faced with silence, I see it as something where the outcome I am not too sure about. When someone sits around without uttering a word, it is very perplexing. I wonder what is happening inside the person's head. Why don't they wish to say anything?

The other reason might be that I tend to be silent or without even a whimper only when I am irritated or sad. I like to chit chat, hum something.. laugh out at something on the television, but never will I sit in pin drop silence.

Another something is when someone is very silent and not up and about, the mood invariably rubs onto me too. And I end up being irritated. So for me its more like irritation leads to silence or vice versa, and I hate being irritated. I always try to get over any fight with anyone at the earliest, and forget about it promptly, so someone leading me to be irritated is the worst deal.

So what do you do when you are faced with someone who is silent, and in fact selectively silent only with you? Obviously, I would draw the conclusion that some issue exists. Now getting down to the issue might need some coaxing and pushing given that the person concerned might surely be also quite irritated themselves with the silence. You can ask them outright, but then the chances are quite high that you might get a ' Oh! Nothing!' answer , in fact I am usually prepared for this answer and keep shut after that. If they have a problem, now its their turn to come out with it. How many times do you expect someone to ask anyways.??

Well usually, after the fury dies down inside my head, at times I melt and then go up to them again and ask in a sweeter/funnier/lighter/ more loving note. Here usually people are unable to resist and they break down!

What all one needs to do to get a conversation going!!


  1. I am silent a lot. Not just bcoz im sad or irritated. A lot of times I am happy and I am silent. At times, I am just so content in a moment that I keep silent. I think for me it speaks volumes when I am able to be my silent self around someone and I dont feel a need to fill up the silence with constant chatter.

    Silence allows me to think, feel, understand what is happening around me.

  2. if u cud sense a storm in the calmness around, its better to take your own time and prepare for the worst :)

  3. im silent every now and then...not veyr often but i do have my silent spells...normally if i know the person im interacting with is the silent/quiet kind i dnt try to get him or her to talk... im in that sence quite comfortable with silence.. but if i knew smone was silent only when i was around, now that wud mk me verrry uncomfortable... but even then iwudnt go up to the person n try to talk...

  4. "I like to chit chat, hum something.. laugh out at something on the television, but never will I sit in pin drop silence" - Are you kidding me?!

    In the 5 years that we were in college, I can recollect several occasions that you were the antithesis of this. So were you always in silent thought?

  5. I guess silence can be in the good sense and the bad. I am wary of the bad kind, when you know something is wrong, but nothing shall be spoken about it.@sumit: :P I am silent many times, but then I do not scare people with my silence, right? I do not make them feel something going on in my head and hence I am silent.

  6. this post really spoke to me because i feel very much like you do about this! except that when i am watching tv i tend to be quite quiet cos i'm concentrating. :) and i'm not as friendly as you, i think. i won't be moody in return but i generally won't try to make small talk with people who are mostly silent - like the colleague sitting next to me at work.

  7. u r so cute when u say u go up to the person again n try a more loving tone!!!! :)
    i am quite the introvert, so am pretty much silent around ppl. but i get dangerously silent when i am angry...
    but i do not like answers like "nothing happened" either! i either end up telling ppl what's bothering me or simply say, "i cannot tell you" if i can't!!! outsoken is better than beating around the bush, no?! :D
    so, u won't have to try twice to get me to tell u if anything's the matter!!! :D hehehe

  8. oh btw, i cud travel to Bangalore to stroke Whisky!!! super duper cuteness!!! :D

  9. People generally associate silence with attributes like cribbing, sulking or anger most of da time...dats not true...sometimes ur silent bcoz u choose to be dat way, with no reason tagged to it.

  10. I agree... silence has many facets and that is something I need to accept. I have to be sure that it is not necessarily for any reason also.

  11. I m usually silent when i m traveling alone. :) but usually not when i m annoyed. i prefer to talk or shout it out :D


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