April 21, 2009

Onion & potato sandwich spread

With my new found fitness and healthy eating bits, I have started having quite a few sandwiches. I use a store bought sandwich spread. I realized that they usually have quite a bit of mayo, cheese or eggs to make them all creamy and nice on the whole grain wheat bread, resulting in a not very but nevertheless fatty sandwich. So I decided to make my very own sandwich spread :)

Onion potato sandwich spread

1 medium sized onion grated
1 medium sized potato grated
Olive oil
Hot tomato Sauce

Mix both the grated ingredients in a microwave safe bowl, and mix some olive oil, salt and pepper and place in the microwave uncovered for 3 minutes. Remove the bowl and add some tomato sauce and mix thoroughly to make a thick spread.

Spread on healthy breads and munch away!


  1. Yum..yum Aathira. I would kill for that sandwich now because I am sipping tea with just chips. :):)

    Anything with Potato, Olive oil is YUM for me.

    shhhh.....I love mayo. I buy it low fat just to console myself that I am eating healthy. :))

  2. must to try, must to try!!!!

    mayo, what's that?? (trying to sound fit n all, but failing)
    i definitely don't look like someone who doesn't know mayo!

    i love sandwiches, will live all year jus on those...thanks for ur creative recipe :)

    ps: i wanna know ur fav Hercule Poirot mystery!!! :D

  3. Solilo: I am a die hard potato fan... any form other than raw and I shall gobble!

    Crafty: Ha ha :)
    Try making some of these grated stuff.. I just realized how simple and tasty they are ;)


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