April 8, 2009

Dinner Time

Recently I have started cooking my own meals for dinner. No cook to come in to do the dinner preps, nor eating out almost every other day. I also thought that this would be a very simple way to ensure less fatty ingredients and to ensure a healthy intake of food in line with my health regime off late. I need to try a variety of items to ensure that there is a variety at the dinner table and also so that nothing overshoots my calorie limit.

This means I usually Google for a decent healthy recipe around 3- 4 PM and then follow to make a mental checklist as to what I would be required to pick up on my way back home.

Monday: Baby corn and Capsicum tossed
Tuesday: Batter fried Lady's finger ( that is not exactly calorie counting friendly!)
Wednesday: Spaghetti
Thursday: Paneer Burji
Friday: Soup and crackers
Monday: Pasta Salad
Tuesday: Pasta salad with more veggies and crackers also

Oh! Did I not mention that weekends are kitchen break days ( only for dinner) :D


  1. so you serious about your fitness regime!!!

  2. goood for you girl.

    I have tried GM diet, cabbage soup diet and a couple more. But would stumble the second day itself. :)

    Wishing you luck to stick with the regime.

  3. i like the menu..but tel me this..soup n crackers for dinner...and thats it??nthing more??i wud die if i ate so little..

  4. paneer burji!! how do u make that??

  5. You are a healthy eater. I could gobble down all the things you mentioned in one meal :(

  6. yummy plan, me likes!
    will do all on list...may repeat pasta more often, but its wheat pasta!!! :D

  7. Me just started on the healthy eating and enjoying it at present

  8. Nice Cooking skills , reminds me to start cooking at home , have all the necessary things .

    but i think i am getting lazy.!

  9. Good for you! I don't even know where the kitchen is in my house!


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