January 29, 2009

When do you ban pubs?

Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa says that he will not allow pub culture in Karnataka.

"We will not allow pub culture in Karnataka...the incident is an unfortunate local incident...activists of Sri Ram Sene went on a rampage. Attacking women-this is not part of our culture...if required, the government will invoke Goonda Act," he said.

If people decide that its more important to leave everyone to choose and follow their culture, obviously causing no harm or destruction of others' culture, then this unfortunate incident would not have happened.

If you can decide that flyovers and air flights are now within culture limits, I am sure that there are many people in this country, and in Karnataka also who would have qualms about not having their feet firmly rooted on Mother Earth. This did not deter the government from building flyovers or an international airport

"There is a conspiracy behind this...some elements are trying to disrupt peace in the state. The opposition is jealous of the popularity the state government has garnered in the last eight months."

So now that he has accumulated all the accolades and popularity in the last eight months, he plans to use that as bait to get out of this fix? When a matter comes up which requires level headed intervention, the government conveniently throws the ball over to the culture committee to take over. When he banned smoking at public places, where was the long held culture of beedi amongst majority in the state? There are even traditions where tobacco is given as a gift on occasions.

Through the ban, he stuck to modernization and health issues chant, arising due to lifestyle in the present day. Now with pubs, he chooses to whirl back the time machine to culture and tradition!

Stick to an era at least !


  1. Exactly! some goons getting political mileage out of all this.

  2. I agree... and just exploring your blog :)


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