January 21, 2009


I want to spend the weekend relaxing.
I guess there are many things which one might relate to relaxing.

Maybe spending some time alone, away from the city drool
Maybe splurging in a relaxing spa for a day long treatment
Maybe going on a long drive for a picnic in the woods, or by the banks of a river
Maybe spending time with close friends chit chatting over meals and coffees
Maybe sifting through heaps of sale items trying to find that perfect pair of trousers
Maybe visiting an old age home, or an animal shelter to give a boost to your conscience
Maybe lazing in bed with a book

Whats your pick ???


  1. hey aathira...I would visit an animal shelter or old age home for a couple of hours and then head out to the woods for a picnic!

  2. Maybe lazing in bed with a book
    My fav.....

  3. I know whats definitely not my pick.
    How can you relax by going through heaps of sale items!

  4. i like to go out during the weekend with good company. i love dinner with a friend i haven't met up in a while, or going shopping with my shopping buddy. of course, the fun of that stales if i do it every week. so most of the time i just veg out at home, reading and playing games on the computer.

  5. My pick? Right now, lazing in bed with a book!

  6. I think I would surely be the one to do something different, as I am sure that like Sulz, I would get bored with any of these weekend stuff if they happen on consecutive weekends!


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