January 26, 2009

Pink City: Jaipur

This is a long overdue post. I went o Jaipur mid Jan for a wedding, and going there I realized how I missed the amazing food and lovely winters of the north.

The wedding was at Jai Mahal a old Palace in Jaipur which has been used as the official residence of the Prime Ministers uptil 1948. Following this, the palace was converted to a luxury hotel in 1955.

There were also a life size chess board and it looked beautiful. I could not capturea picture, but if you go to the link and watch the Photoessay, you can see more pictures of this palace.

These are some views of Jai Mahal from its grand gardens.

Following the wedding we went on for the evening dinner at Chokhi Dhani, an ethnic village resort located a few kilometers outide the city of Jaipur. They have amazing snacks and wonderful recreational activities planned out for he guests. Camel rides, astrologers, elephant rides, all kinds of savouries and authentic Rajasthani dinner, which is a good 4 course meal in itself.

Below is a typical village hut with some writings, and hee there was water and some hot milk being served inside. A typical feature is that most of those here are so courteous and ardent in their hospitality, one can very rarely say 'NO'!

This is the entrance to a haveli which housed a magician and there was dancers who performed with earthen pots and brassware as their props.
Here is a dancer with her pots dancing in traditional Rajasthani attire to the tunes of the instruments played by the lady seated behind her. This dance was being done doors and beds made of rope and propped with bolsters serve as the seats for the guest.

This trip has been truly wonderful. The last time I was in Jaipur I was not sure I saw why its called Pink city, but this time I did see that everything which has been built by the Maharaja is pink be it the Stadium, the palace, the Hawa Mahal.

The saying is that the city was painted pink for the visit of the Prince of Wales, and from then the pink city has got the name and stuck to it. Many old blocks can be seen with the peeling paints but all that remains is still pink. The peeling paint only adds to the old run down rajput city's appeal!


  1. Guess it shud be a marwari wedding? ya variety of foods are served ..mouthwatering dishes? yes coming from south , i do realise the cuisine of north is cherishable ..moreso if u r a sweet lover...One more activity is dancing...which is part of their lifestyle which is missed in south..

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    whole of India is so beautiful with it's diverse culture, cuisine and landmarks.

  3. That place looks wonderful - I think it's important that a trip is a feast to all the senses :)

  4. Rajasthan sure has its own charm :)

    We were there dec 2007 ... and brought in 2008 there. It was fabulous!!! Nice pics. :)

  5. I also visited Jaipur and it is really a very nice place to visit. There are various resort in Jaipur in which you will get 5 star resort type facility. Thanks for sharing it.


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