January 7, 2009

Have a good day!

I just read Monika's blog entry and I also decided to see for myself whether I had any drafts which I did not post. As far as I remember, I just write and then post it, unless its a list of things or if it is to be completed after some web research. In fact, I do not have a single draft in my blogger as of now. This would also ensure that my posts are very interspersed as compared to many of you, who post on a daily basis. I guess, I love reading much more and I read religiously all the blogs which I follow.

Many a times, I read many blogs, and wonder what strikes one to start writing on these topics. I believe small incidents through the day motivates a person to write in vast cases, where as happenings in life result in heartfelt posts of many.

One of the favourite types of posts for me are those which involve pictures, and also reviews of books, places, restaurants, food and movies. I have not done many reviews excepting the first and last on the above list of reviewable items! I have always hoped for good travels to blog about, as I feel places truly are captured by different people in completely different ways. One can also do different things at the same place. I shall be soon travelling again, so should be back with a batch of photographs.

Another favourite type of post which I do is photos of Whisky ( my cat), I haven't posted many of those recently and as of now, my next post is reserved for Whisky.

Have a good day.


  1. Eagerly waiting for next post :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing your travel photos. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog yesterday. :)

  3. Can't wait for the post on Whisky and many more from your future travels! Good luck!

  4. my next post is reserved for Whisky sounds interesting :)

  5. hey...Me too.. like to read other blogs than writing mine :)

    hope you travel soon so that we get to see lovely pics.

    By the way.. the pic of the chest in the previous post.. stay away from it. Its Mine ;)

  6. Wish you happy new year...Oh you reminded whisky..for a long time havent touched the black label lying in my cupboard...

  7. Happy New Year! Hmm, Whisky! Your favorite drink perhaps?

  8. Reema : I am just getting together a wonderful Whisky treat for you !

    Hilary : Thank you for the visit too

    Kiran : Thanks

    Kido : I know... she's my cat

    Lijy: Its a lovely chest, isn't it?

    Sunder: Ha ha

    Shantanu: Whisky is the name of my 1.5 year old cat. :)


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