January 14, 2009

1.5 Years

When I said that I will save a special post for Whisky, I thought I would maybe have a video of her and her antics. Her antics are usually pertaining to trying to catch a small fly to wasps and bees which come into the room for the sheer warmth as compared to the chill of Bangalore nights. But pictures are something I have posted before also, so a more apt post would be if I write about all that she is, and all the problems that she creates about the house (usually when no one is at home). Else she is a very docile cat. She loves to welcome you when you get back from work. She will come to greet you at the door, she will rub herself (as all cats love to do), and even just plop herself right on your feet rooting you to the spot. She loves to be picked up, and she will lick your face, hand and will rub her head under your chin.

Her favourite spot during the day is lazing at the balcony in the sun, or else she will be on the rug with some piece of wrapper playing catch all by herself. Let evening come, and she will crawl under the blanket with anyone who has done the job of opening up any blanket. She will either sleep on top or under, as the person who is tucked in bed is willing to accept it. She is very flexible in these matters, a true well bred cat!

I have always brought her up on a mix of dry and wet food. I five her fresh meat and fish only in very small portions and she gorges on them. But even on these cases, she will not over eat. She will leave meat aside if she is done, and then when she comes back for them, in most cases they would be covered with ants and there she would lose her precious food to someone so small and tiny in front of the mighty cat!

She has her share of outdoor fun too, and at these times are those when I fret and worry about her. One day, she decided that she will just go for a stroll, and jumped out of the window on the balcony and from there she further found a ledge and then the stairs all the way down to the ground floor. Once she reached there, she realized that there is no way she remembers which floor she lives on (It’s the 6th). There are far too many stray dogs also down there, and with her bell ringing as she moves even an inch, I was quite sure that she is in much more danger than she can fathom. But she is not that bad a cat; she climbed up to the ground floor balcony, and tucked her self between some plants and old furniture for the night. She pulled through for the first time, all by herself outside in the cold. She has always been indoors with a warm blanket since the age of 2 months. And now at 1 year she wants an adventure, the teenage rebel spirit in her has awaken I believe.

I searched, I called, I whistled but she was I believe too scared to meow or else she really was not ready to come back home, or even better she was not hungry yet. The next whole day, I have no clue what she did, and where she roamed about. She was hungry and did not eat anything that was one thing I was sure by evening. I came back from work, looked all through the stairs, lift lobbies and even through the car park but she was no where to be seen. One I was up at my balcony, standing and making an aerial look out for her, there she is sitting on the hood of a car and looking up at me! I ran down and I think she was quite taken aback from the noise person running towards her. She jumped and ran, but under the car, not towards me or into my arms! Tsk tsk.... When she was sure it was just me, she came out meowing and pushing her way towards my legs. I picked Miss. Dirty Self up and took her upstairs and first thing fed her. She had in one sitting; I believe food that she would have else had in a span of a day! After that she was so tired I believe, she went right back to her spot and decided to sleep peacefully in the warmth.

This incident has been a good 3 months back and till date she has never tried to do that again, or rush to the door when the door is to be opened. So I think maybe my baby girl has grown up a little now.

She still loves to use all pieces of cardboard available in the house as her scratch pads, but I guess that is better and easier to clean up too rather than have all the footwear and other vaguely possible scratchable items being succumbed to her mercy.


  1. Has she marked ur place yet? Feline animals have the habit of marking their territory and know it by the smell of their markings..thats how they find their way back.
    But then I have observed this in ground floor homes. Dont know about flats. Maybe the stairs are too confusing. And whisky is v young now.

  2. Reema : Ya, she has marked, but I think the fact that the appt is on the 6th floor doesn't help too much once she has reached the ground floor.

  3. Aw, I love Whisky's tales :)
    I found a really cute cat in the street recently and I'd like to bring it home. It was clearly abbandoned but it's very sweet and seemingly domesticated.
    But at the same time it's such a huge responsibility, I have to really think it through.

  4. Hi ,first timer here.
    When I read "whiskey", it was intoxicating..went thru the article..it was equally intoxicating,the love for your pet !
    well written & conveyed

  5. Devil Mood : They are so alive and around you always, the effort to take care of them is usually in the first one year.

    After that, things become slightly better. Though they do seem to have a penchant for scratching anything available ! :)

    Compassion Unlimited : Thanks!

  6. Hey Aathira!
    I was drawn to this when I read the mention of Whiskey, but your post turned out to be wayy better than I thought. You sure love your pet!

  7. Nice post! No different from children, I guess. :)

  8. final_transit: Ha ha! Many people have been misguided by her name.;)

    Shantanu: True... more like a training session for. But I do feel that they are much more independent than children are at the same age.


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