December 8, 2008


I had previously read Kite Runner and written a review about it too. Now, I thought many had told me that the movie is also well made and hence should not be missed. I decided that since friends were out of town this weekend, I might as well catch up on the movies that I intended to. So I decided on Darjeeling Limited and Kite Runner .

Darjeeling Limited is a story of three brothers, their fights, likes, dislikes, and above all their search for their mother; a look at India through foreign eyes. This has been done before too, but maybe the difference in direction makes this movie a decent watch. There is nothing much to expect from this though apart from the usual shocks that they face on seeing the rural and semi-rural India and the lifestyle of many different sections of society.

I started watching Kite Runner, and I realized that for one, many scenes were cut in the movie. You might say that is expected with any movie, which is being made from a 300 page book. Somehow I felt those small incidents made one realize the true nature of the two boys since childhood. In the movie, I felt that Amir was not shown to be jealous to a great deal, and the incidents which were shown did not illicit the expected emotion/understanding in me either. Hassan is also said to have the deformity on his lips, and that is somehow not visible/evident (to me, maybe). All in all, maybe for those who have read the book, and how it has been detailed in the book, will not stand to like the movie.


  1. To me it is not a gud idea to watch a movie after reading the experience with Love in the times of cholera and Da vinci code are similiar to you..

    It shud be the other way around...i liked reading memoirs of geisha after watching the movie..

  2. I've not watch any of the movies. But from my experience, watching the movie making reading Da vinci easy.

  3. Sunder: My mistake in trying to see the movie after the lovely read!

    Kiran: I have also had good experiences, but then dont you already know what will be happening, so all of the well written work in a way fails, right?


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