December 19, 2008

Excitement & Planning

The excitement of going on a trip
The planning involved in making the trip fun
The list of places and monuments to see
The culinary delicacies to taste
The souveniors to buy

Planning activities completing itineraries for the days of the trip, contribute to a lot of fun in the trip. Many a times when you are visiting a place again, then all these aspects are lost and a completely different sense of comfort and relaxation sets in. Here you would go for a break from routine or a well earned holiday after hard months of work.

With a group who have already visited the place, then this results in a clash of thoughts with each set of people having a different outlook to the trip. The ones who have not seen the place would want to move through the planning and excitement phase and on the contrary for those, of whom this is a repeat trip they treat the trip as a time to chill and in these cases what do you expect will happen?

Will the group move as a whole or would the group eventually split on the basis of activities which you would want to indulge I during this trip?


  1. It depends actually..If the place ur plannin to make it involves lotsa places to go around,havin ppl arnd who hv made it prior wud be of much much help.But then,tht wud also mean tht there wudb a tendency for the veterans to hurry in stuff wen the freshers wud wanna explore more..

    well written.. :)

  2. This depends upon how cohesive/connected the group members..

    If the groupmembers are not connected well, a preplanned agenda is best suited..otherwise it can turn nigthmare for the organiser...

  3. if you have a group of people who haven't visited a place and another group which has, they're bound to go separate ways. the freshies would want to visit all the touristy spots, while the ones who've been there would want to visit the lesser known, local spots.

    i think it's fine for the group to split that way. it wouldn't be fair to make any one do something they don't want to do during a holiday. besides, with two groups of people it'll still be quite fun even if you're not all together.

  4. a pre-planning with the juniors and veterans is important. the veterans should share their opinions by highlighting places that interests them the most to revisit. In that case, a group can be form here for a tour. Once done, the juniors can continue with the rest of the tour leaving the veterans with their own plans.

  5. MultiMenon: I guess when a happening place, people will just add to the fun

    Sunder : I end up planning and not following the plan ! He he!

    Reema : Thanks

    Sulz: I so agree with what you say, its so much more fun when everyone is oohing and aahing at the same stuff. ;)

    Kiran : That is exactly what I did. Used the veteran help, but ended up having fun their own separate ways.


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