December 11, 2008

To Visit #1 : Pondicherry

I have been planning a trip for close to 2 weeks now, and I am yet not sure where it shall be materializing. So, I thought why not put down all the information which I gathered for these trips down here for anyone’s benefit.They are not too much and mostly you might find it on you searches too, but then this will also serve as a diary for me in case I do decide to go to these places a while later ;)

When we started, the location was uncertain, so I thought Pondicherry. Then over some time I thought maybe the better option would be Goa, with its better beaches and a larger crowd for a better party. Post that, there was a serious shortage of people who were free/willing to make a trip to Goa during Christmas break, now we start on a trip planning for Coorg and Bandipur.

I shall go over all the various things I had tagged as my to-see places at all the above locations. I am thinking, I love travelling and I have so many dreams to see the smallest to the biggest of towns and cities. I am going to record all the tit bits that I find through my searches as blog entries. I am going to have a list of all places which are worth visiting.

This one is going to be for

Pondicherry/ Puducherry

Plage: 8kms from the town centre, you can see the small quiet creek flowing and joining the sea. The beach is beautiful and you can even pitch a tent on the sea side.

Serenity: 10 minutes away from the town will take you to this calm beach perfect for swimming.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram: This ashram has been set up years back and most of the old French buildings are ashram offices, libraries and institutes. Some shops are also around this area where many ashram produces are available for sale.

Jawahar Toy Museum, Puducherry Museum, Puducherry Art Gallery: I could not gather much information about these, but they are said to be housed in one of the old grand French structures, so I had decided to visit them too.

Old Light House: Build during the French era, and not in use at present but one of the few in India

Aayi Mandapam, Bharati Museum: The first is a huge memorial built by the French for a temple dancer who lived 300 years before the French, and the second is the residence of a Tamil Poet which has been turned into a museum.

Easwaran Koil: An old Tamil temple, with typical Tamil street houses lining the roads adjacent to the temple. The houses have a covered veranda till the street.

Churches: Notre Dame des Anges, Church of Capuchians

Hotel de L’Orient: The best heritage hotel in Puducherry, have heard it is worth a visit, even if too

Hotel Lagreene: This is the convent where you can see intricate embroidery being done by girls

Shopping: Household shopping paradise is what Pondicherry is famous for. Leather, pottery, handmade paper from the factory and handicrafts which are from all over the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Food: Boulangerie which serves authentic French pain et croissant is something not to be missed. One can taste some French food, though some comment that the French cuisine is not in its full grandeur in this past French colony. The Chunnambar beach resort on Cuddaloare road has a floating restaurant which can also be experimented with.


  1. great info. hopeful that your trip would be materialized soon :)

  2. If you want to rock, the best place is Goa...very good beaches...

    a totally opposite one to Goa shuld be the sense, if you want a laid back holiday then visiting aurobindo ashram, churches etc will be soothing..

    coorg more for climate and scenary..since i believe you are from bang climate will not be a plus the way logistically, nagahole could be closer than bandipur na? i am not sure..but my exp with nagarhole was not that much great...

  3. Hi
    Nice trip report
    you can see some of my bandipur mudumalai wildlife / bird pictures at
    Best regards

  4. Kiran: I hope so too! I will really try to go somewhere but which among these will work is yet to be seen.

    Sunder: I have not visited Goa, so thats the one reason I am so keen on that. Pondicherry everyone says is the weekend-get-away-from-everything place.:) Lets see what happens!

    Shriya: Nice pics! I am wondering, is a day enough for Bandipur, if I plan to continue to Coorg after that for two days?

  5. Hey,
    This seems to be a pretty comprehensive list.....
    good for you but I am just the opposite.
    I go to a place and then start planning on what to see....
    It is so much easier that way :)

  6. Hi
    If it is just safari, one day should be enough.
    BTW my name is Bala
    Check out the iteniary mentioned on my website.
    Best regards

  7. If you wanna enjoy a quite time out Pondicherry is the place to be and if you wanna have a rocking time Goa is the best bet.

    Coorg is a beautiful place too :)

    My top choice would be Goa as I had a lovely time with my friends there few months back :)

  8. Ajit: I have decided to go to Goa finally, so now I am in the process of looking out for the best things to be done there. Nevertheless, I need to be planned to the very end in my trips :D

    Bala: I checked with Bandipur Jungle Lodges, they dont have any availability for rooms. So now, planning to go to Goa,where we can at least sleep on the sea shore :)

    Shalini: Goa it is then, do drop by some fun stuff to see around. Heard there is a Saturday night market at Calangute, with loads of interesting junk stuff to waste money on :)


    das the best description for quite sumtym..and puducherry is an awesum weekend gateway..

    am blogrollng u sis.. :)


  10. MultiMenon: Thank you, thank you, this is like a long list I made over some days.

  11. Hi Aathira,

    There is an award waiting for you here :)

  12. Sagari: Thanks

    Chandini: Thanks

    Kiran: Thanks for my very first award.


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