February 27, 2008

Why ?

In any relationship, we are to benefit from the relationship, as the parties involved should be able to ensure that through the period of time, this relationship will leave a positive mark on the individuals. This mark would be made I believe with nothing other than criticism.

Why is it so difficult to take this criticism and act upon it with the mind of a learner. This criticism is not meant to merely point out the mistakes, but again how would one know whether these remarks as we can also call them, are truly valid or whether they need to be changed. As there also exists a possibility that what might be seen as a wrong by one might be acceptable to another.

I wonder at times whether there is ever any criticism which one takes in a positive manner. There are so many times when many have tried so hard to lay it down as smooth as possible, but once I get a whiff of the C word...it just doesn't matter after that !


  1. Very frustrating question i must say... Past 7 years i m searching for the same answer and have failed all the way...

    Ok some of my thoughts over the subject... :)

    In any relationship, we are to benefit from the relationship

    I feel we are supposed to benefit... :) That doesnt happen always... Sad but true...

    To take a criticism in a positive sense one has to believe that he/she is not "PERFECT" this holds the key... Life is a journey... It can never be destination... So one has to learn the art of adaptation instead of living in their own aura...

  2. Thats certainly a different way to look at it. The fault certainly does lie inside, but rectifying it is another story altogether!

  3. Everybody err's but the real person is one who accepts it.. rather ready to listen something against his/her viewpoint...

  4. And sometimes one does NOT want to hear criticism--hey--Nobody is perfect.If someone just accepts me for who i am, I am grateful.I guess the first step towards that is to accept others as they are.(and strnagely when one does that criticism won't affect you that much)

  5. I would certainly prefer that someone accepts me rather than change me.

    But then as you said if someone accepts me, they have all the right to demand to be accepted with their faults too.

    This follows the statement almost like " Live and let live"


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