February 20, 2008

Bloody Choices . . .

To choose I believe is one of the biggest questions that I have come across in my 24 years of life. It starts with your choices of subjects, then your choice of higher studies, followed by the choice of lifestyle, and so on and so forth. ( I have come across all these choice making crossroads). How many times do the choice made by us seem wrong a few minutes later, and many a times added to the already existing confusion there arises another feeling that what we think is what we achieve. To elaborate: If we make a choice and then we have doubts regarding that, I feel it would be the doubts which results in our non completion of our choice or else the non satisfactory completion of our choice.

I have seen this happen to me again and again, and I also feel that its not very easy to believe and believe completely in your choice that you have made. This is something I strive to do, and at times I beleive that I have gained some foothold in this line, but there are also some other times where I slip back many a steps again losing belief in many of my choicest of choices. TBhis feels the worst when I have already spend a good amount of time thinking, re thinking, thinking aloud with many , but following all that I still feel the pangs of doubt creeping in.

There is something which I have noticed, that there are some specific topics on which one tends to be faced with one too many doubts and on the other hand, there are some which we purely accept as we have decided. For instance, if I have to buy something for myself ( slightly pricey too) once bought I wouldnt bother to rethink my buy where as if I was buy some item for someone else, then I would certainly think whether I have assessed my choices right, or whether the person concerned would truly appreciate what I have picked up. This cannot be yet assumed to be a theory that one cares more for choices you have to make for others versus oneself. So many choices you make for yourself, that land you in the worst of dilemas and many a times one keeps going back and forth with the decision too.

Why dont we just stick by what we decided ! ? !


  1. I SO Agree with the 'bloody choices' that continue to haunt you long after you have made them, and stuck by them--even after years!!

  2. Why are gals so confused... hahaha... Sounding too chauvinistic??? Trust me am not... I feel that Gals(most of them ;)) think a lot... and they make simple things complicated...

    Decisions once taken are already taken... their results have already come... then why to think over it... Take the positives... Dun repeat the negatives... and yes... Move on... :) Thats what i do... And it has worked for me till date...

  3. Hey Aathira...

    nice one!!!!!

    Seriously....Its so irritating....a wrong choice made haunts you till ur dead!!!!


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