February 13, 2008

High & Higher Heels

High heeled footwear and long nails have always seemed to me the most feminine of attributes and both only accentuating the otherwise normal female body. Many a times, being tall also comes with the alter end that you are not expected to wear high heeled footwear as per rules that you have the desired average height and hence should not wear heels and look towering over others.

Why are heels associated with height alone, I agree that they do certainly impart height, but there also exists a style and beauty linked with footwear which are not particularly flat soled. Especially recently if you look at any set of footwear on display, it is very rare that you will come across some appealing to your eyes and also flat soled!

With the ever prevalent controversy that high heels are not advisable for the spine and they do contribute to health problems if not now, at a later stage; still there has been observed no decrease in the numbers buying/ wearing high heeled footwear. There is also another school of thought here which might also prove to be very important to a select few!

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