February 12, 2008

Crass .... Cool ?

What do people think, being crass is cool? Or is it a way to seem more amongst the crowd you are in? Or is it just being a self out of sheer boredom with oneself. I do not understand why would someone who can be sanely normal, suddenly decide to be insanely crass?

Sudden onslaught of ' language of the villagers' and the loud snorting laugh, what is so special about that anyways! And moreover why dont they just decide to take their talks and squibs to someone who will appreciate it and not someone who isn't the least bit interested.

Many wouldn't realize why this is such a big issue, and why I have taken offense to something which can be so easily pushed out of your mind as a feeble attempt at humor. My reaction has to do with the state of mind I was in and also the capacity which one's mind has to take upon the extend of continuous nudging of one's patience.

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  1. Strange! First time I'm hearng of crass being cool.Ugh! How horrible that some actually think so.


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