March 27, 2008


Who ever I talk to, one statement which has come to me over and over again is something so simple but yet which is truly very true!

" You need to have a dream to be able to achieve it."

Recently on thinking I also realized something which was truly very disturbing and disheartening, I do not remember what my dream was. and worse still... I do not know what my dream is. I have lost my dream somewhere in the midst of all what is called day-to-day life. it certainly did strike a strong jolt in me and nothing seemed to make sense.... where had my dream disappeared?

Why did I let my dream be effortlessly mixed into the vast ocean of things which happen everyday?

I wish to get back to the dreams that I had. Before I started with the drab of life, I had thought I shall travel, make it a point to shoot some nice pictures, see places but till date I can not remember any of that happening and it hurts to realize that moreover these small things almost slipped out of my mind until someone uttered such a statement.

At times I think that maybe these jolts are very useful in putting one back on track and realizing what is the reality and what is what you wish to make the reality.


  1. You are so right about the NEED to have a dream.Sometimes one realises only later in life what one's true calling is.
    Good luck with pursuing yours.

  2. Now that I have realized this, I hope I wont lose my way again!


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