February 6, 2013

When you hit the gym...

Last year around this time, I made a pact with myself that I shall be getting fit and I want to make sure that I have a dose of exercise every day teamed with a light nutritious meal for dinner everyday. The gym started and has been in full swing till Nov 2012, but then I just stopped. Now, I have started to get back to my gym routine after close to a three month hiatus. I would not put it that travel and the holiday season was the sole deterrent, but also the schedule which the trainers keep imposing is something which made the whole gym visit a drudgery.

I do not know about many, but I am a person who likes someone to tell me the right way to do things, but I would like to do the things as I please. A schedule makes me feel like I am being forced to follow the set of instructions and I am slacking if I do not meet the requirement for the day. I do not believe that is the way to fitness. If you wish to keep yourself fit, first and foremost you need to believe that YOU need it. And it is YOU who stands to gain. Hence I very strongly believe that YOU need to research and find out about your body and figure out what is working for YOU. A gym instructor I believe, will not be able to figure this out for 20 odd people he would be training at any given time. I, for one, have tried the schedule which they prepared for me to the T and the only effective change in my body was toning of muscles and a greater stamina. I still felt that I did not have the flexibility which I was intending to gain. Now I do not know if this is because of the stretches being insufficient or was it because I was not pushing myself enough. I have also seen many folks who are so in love with the gym that I wonder how is it that they do not get frustrated with the routine that they have. This time when I started back with the gym, I decided that I shall do a mix of cardio and weight training as what the trainers had suggested, but I shall do the weights as per my wish. Which are the different muscle groups I wish to work out that day and push myself to what I can achieve. I will not be carrying around my schedule and working myself crazy trying to achieve everything which has been written on it.

One week of this routine and I had a few trainers coming and asking me whether I would want a schedule prepared for me and if I have something which I am following. I expected it, but this quick, maybe not. I informed them I am going to do as I please and workout to my understanding as my only aim is to keep fit and exercise, which can be achieved I believe doing pretty much anything. They were obviously persistent why it is important to have a trainer and a schedule, but this time I have decided to stick to my stand and try whether this is something which will be working out for me.

Something else which I have been contemplating is a group exercise routine, maybe in between or on all days. I am not sure whether I would be able to stick to the timings of a group but that would have so little for me to think and just workout for 45mins and be done. Also, some trials I attended, I saw that the pace is great in group sessions. Questions and questions... I need to decide on what will work soon!

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  1. You do have a point there. Gud luck with everything :)

  2. All the best .. I've never been able to stick to a routine

  3. I get tired of routines too (out of the gym context though). For everything I do I try and work out two or three approaches, especially if I know I am going to do it for a long time. Then alternate between each one... helps with the monotony and routine-feel part..

  4. Also group exercises via Zumba or Aerobics is great fun and gives you variation in your gym routine. I even tried Yoga for a long time last year and i found I LOVED it.

  5. I am thinking of starting yoga but dont know when I will actually get around to do it.


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