February 18, 2013

Whats been cooking?

Half n Half Pizza: Pesto sauce with tomatoes and
tomato sauce with basil leaves!

Lemon tart 
PS: I really need to learn to take better photos. I am so terrible at it. :(


  1. Don't worry about the photos.. they still look delicious.. especially that lemon tart.

  2. Yep! I need the recipe for that lemon tart :)

  3. It looks wonderful!

    I want the recipe for that lemon tart. Looks delicious :)

  4. Loved the half and half idea :) Which one did you like better ;) ?
    And that lemon tart looks yummm.. did you use our desi lemons or some different variety? Pls share recipe with me too!

    1. I loved this half and half idea too when i saw it on a blog. I preferred the pesto version with the tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

      Will mail you the lemon tart recipe too ... I used the regular desi lemons... and I thought its was a tad too tangy, so maybe you could use a little less than what the recipe demands.

  5. That Lemon tart looks tempting !
    By any chance are you posting recipe for the same also somewhere?

  6. looks yummy.... yesterday only I prepared pesto sauce... will surely take inspiration from your pics...:)

  7. Oh I want to dig into that lemon tart. Looks prefect :)


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