January 19, 2013

Astrology & Palmistry : A science? Really?

Astrology is something I am so dicey about believing and lets also include palmistry, when anyways at it. My family believes in the former, not the vehement kind, but they still do. I know they would consult an astrologer to find out whether the day/time is right for a particular act, and as always all marriages have been proceeded with only with an astrologer's approval. When I was dating B, one of the things which I did was use this software called Kundli Pro so that I know whether ours like a never to be match. I knew that as long as it was not so, things will work out fine at least on that front. The rest would be a fight to be fought and won, but that shall remain another post. In spite of all that, I still do not believe in it. I do not think that someone or for that matter, a software will be able to tell me whether I shall be compatible with another being. On what basis does it do that? I do not know. If you say astrology is a science, then why are human beings so unpredictable? Why doesn't answers for irrational behaviour also arise from this science? The reason I did the horoscope match with B was just so that I had one more ammo with me to fight my case.

After our marriage, many a times my FIL has asked me,
" What would you have done in case the horoscopes did not match at all? "
My answer to this has been, " In case they did not match, I would just have to fight another cause, which is how astrology is just crap and how I do not believe and neither do I wish to know what it has to say about my life!"
To this, he always laughs and says, " Life is not so simple."

At times, I wonder what would be the turn of events if our horoscopes did not match, I do not know. Another deal in which the astrologer helped us was in telling my parents that under any circumstance, I would not have an arranged marriage. I will marry on my own accord, and hence, these horoscopes as they match would be a good way to go ahead. Now, I wonder why or if there is any truth in what he had to say. I do not know. In fact there was a time when I was more subdued and in for an arranged match, then I do not know what came over me. Well, maybe that was LOVE, I do not know. I will never know, but there was a will in me to fight. And I did fight for close to 6-8 months before anything worthwhile happened. And by worthwhile I mean, parents just agreeing to meet so that it should start off something to the procedure.

So if you ask me if my marriage was because of astrology/the astrologer helping me out? I am guessing so, but would I have done something to change things up in case the astrology/astrologer decided not to help? I think so, for sure. I would have got down to just sitting put and waiting, if nothing else worked!

And then after marriage, there was a palmist who told me I should just have a kid and then things will all be good. Also, that the kid would certainly clear my thoughts and I will know what my life's calling was! Big Big Words I must say! And me, I went ahead and had a kid, well yes, by mistake, but has all been good after that. No No. I have had so much trouble getting into this groove and even now I am just trying to juggle things about so that I get time to start on doing the things which I want to do. I do not think life has become simpler after becoming a mother, certainly more complicated.  Where did my time disappear and when did my house change ever so much. That is certainly not something which I would call simplifying life. B, would have a completely different take on it. He would be about how everything is away in its place and how Tee has brought about a more organized me in return. And, I am sure he would even say that its certainly the better me! Yes, I know its better, but that has made my life complicated. That is not the way I am used to being. I am used to doing things as I please and that certainly does not happen with a kid. Everything has to be planned, to the extend you need to plan and slot a time for a bath! Now, I do not think that palmist knew his job, I do not know what was the meaning of saying life would fall into place, mine certainly HAS NOT!

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  1. Hmmm..sounds like a post straight from the heart pouring its feelings out :)


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