July 30, 2011

The rant

I do not know what got me into this mood, but nevertheless, now that I am in it, I plan to rant. So, in case you are not interested in one, I gave you a very fair warning. 

I have had it with my wardrobe. If you will say, thats every woman's pet peeve, then now you may please close the window. This rant is going to continue onto this very topic itself.

Every year, I think I need to get a fresh set of clothes, and I want to more importantly discard so many of those which I have been wearing since ages. 

Does any of that ever happen? Never! 
I just end up disposing a few of my stuff, in fact just those which are faded and have reached the very end of their lifespan. And since I did not dispose off anything worthwhile, I do not feel the NEED to buy stuff in large numbers. So, which results in me buying just a few ( read 1 or 2 ) pieces of clothing, and calling it quits for the time being. And for the great hours spent in the process of shopping, I always never have anything to show for it.

And to say, the last 10 months have been even more irritating as I can not shop even if I wish to. Till then, it was that I did not find the items interesting or that they were too highly priced ( I shall come to this later). But, this time it was that I can not shop because I do not know whether I shall be able to wear any of these things as time goes on. I am not sure what would be my fitness level, and I know the practical me would say, I should wait for another 6 months before I decide to do any amount of shopping. And even then the question obviously would be do I just shop for new stuff, or can I go ahead and buy expensive stuff. Maybe, I am being pessimistic, but when do I decide that now I shall be not able to lose any more weight, I really have no clue. And with the present situation where I am unable to exercise or control my diet, the question really is will I be back to normal? 

Anyways so there is my rant… and my great desire to shop not really going anywhere!


  1. Ah, the 'I have no clothes' syndrome. I can so relate.

  2. Good you took it all out .. :)

    so what did u decide you going shopping now or in six months time :) he heh he
    all the best



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