July 18, 2011

Getting on with it

Its been a while since I have posted, and ... Boy, have I been busy! 

Back to Bangalore, T is 2 months and settling down in Bangalore now. We have recently moved to a new place in Bangalore, so have to do a fir bit of decorating and arranging. We have just come to settle on the arrangement for the living and dining area. The walls are bare and the shelves are empty. It looks so different from the cozy atmosphere at our previous place. But, I am sure that the place will look up in a month or two. 

Another great thing is the new place has a garden, and I am hoping to get to do some gardening, and with the lil one growing up, I would love to have some birds visit us and chirp through the morning. Living in an apartment has its goodness, but the garden and the outdoor is something which I really relish. This house has a garden, but it has not been kept well.. so there is a lot of work for the gardener in me. 

Recently we got T a Rocker and I do hope its a good buy. At present, she seems to like it, enjoys her time just rocking there, but lets see how long the novelty lasts. The only reason I thought it was a good deal was as it could be used also a chair for toddlers :)  Another toy which I picked up was a set of soft activity blocks. I have always loved activity blocks, and been looking out for these soft cloth ones for T once she starts to enjoy toys!

Are there any such things out there, which kids really like. The websites and sales persons are not really helpful, as they just find the super expensive stuff best for the child, where as I do not buy that. 


  1. that rocker is an excellent buy ojas used it extensively and the quality is really good, another friends son used it too and now one more friends little daughter is using it

  2. Soft blocks are a good idea. Someone gifted us these Baby Einstein ones and they are super cool with different sounds and textures. See if you can get those. Also, once she is older, stuff that makes noise - baby drums, pianos, katori and spoon :)

  3. Excellent you also from bangalore now ..

    the rocker looks good and now that the new place has a garden maybe the little one can play in there when she grows up a bit ..

    once you finished wit hte garden post some pic :)



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