July 2, 2011

10 day challenge - Two Songs

The past 9 days, I have been posting on the above 10 Day you Challenge. Some of the days have been very difficult and some comparably simpler. This challenge has made me look within and explore what I feel about many of the challenges. 

Music is something which I like, its soothing to the ears and I love some music to be playing in the background when I am at some task. I love to have music playing when I am cooking, reading or just doing some work. 

I have almost never followed music as chartbusters or billboards, I have just been very stagnant in my music likings. I am not the person who has many favorites, so here I will list two songs which hold some importance for me. 

1. 21st century girl - Def Leppard 

This is the song with which I was introduced to Rock as a genre. I still find it most soothing for any situation, soft rock, hard rock, metal…

2. Do you wanna partner - Partner

This is a song from the first movie I watched with B :) on my 25th birthday eve. And this birthday is the day we started dating :)


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