May 26, 2011

A few days along

When I was pregnant, I wondered whether I would be a good mom… whether I would do things right and most importantly whether I would have that maternal instinct in me

Now that I can say from experience of a few days… I strongly believe that the mother in me was born after a few days Trisha came. I do not know whether it was just looking at her, or was it the peace and quiet with which she used to settle in my arms. Initially I could not even get myself to hold her out of sheer fear that I possibly can not handle such a delicate thing. Equally heart wrenching is when she cries… shrieks I should say.. or the soft cries in her sleep. And that is when I knew that I was also a mother. I remember reading on my file from Fortis (Nest) which said… "Where mothers are born" and now I see how apt a statement that is..with every baby, a mother is also born!

Now that I have started to understand Trisha and what she wants… or what she intends to do… it feels very nice and better from the position of complete helplessness when I had no clue why she would be crying or what are the some things that she likes. Now I have a list of things which I know she would normally want, and trying all of them have become a quick routine in case of a shrieking cry. Her usual cries are for a feed, a wet nappy, or at times she just wants to be cradled. And while we are at the cradling bit, she seems to know when I am sitting or walking too, and here also depending on her mood, she has her preferences! 

Also.. like many a times before.. I am again having the shift to wordpress bug, and this time lets see what happens!


  1. :) :) Beautiful!

    Oh and I so hope the WP thingy happens!

  2. @Swaram: I am on it... doing my research. Think it will happen soon.

  3. I have been a mom for almost nineteen years now and it feels like there was never a time that I wasn't one, but before that I too was not too sure of my maternal instincts.. was just hoping they'd kick in somehow. I am not the best judge(my sons will be) of whether they did or not, but I do feel they did. I loved the post.

  4. The transition from a pregnant lady to a mommy is pretty quick,isn't it? :) Lovely post Aathira!


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