May 20, 2011

A start

A new entrant in your life has the ability to change many things and also resulting in a reshuffling of priorities… 

Its been 12 days since my world has been changes forever and initially though I did not feel anything much about it, but now I see the various changes which are creeping into me. 

I thought I would get my sound sleep back post delivery, but now I don't really want my sound sleep, in case I do not hear her… 

I thought I would have more freedom to do what I want with no restrictions… but now I realize the time is a bigger factor !

I thought I would not be able to spend a day without talking to B, but now such a day has passed, though I know within me I was very uneasy and sad that whole night.

I never thought I would be able to spend days within a room and not even realize it…

I could not imagine myself getting a baby to sleep… as usually kids do not like my stiff, scared way of holding them… but that has certainly changed in a week.

I truly know what is the meaning of ' baby soft' :) 

Potty and pee makes no difference to me now… 

So many things in 12 days.. I wonder what beholds in the years to come… 


  1. Wow congrats on the baby!!!! xo

  2. I sneaked over to B's FB albums and caught a glimpse. She's absolutely gorgeous :)

    PS: I'd suggest you tell B to protect his FB albums. I am not a friend of his but could see the pictures

  3. @Dee: Thank you !

    @Emmy: Thank you :) How are the apps going on? Done with it?

    @Supmm: :) Thank you... will let B know and ask him to make it accessible to only for 'Friends of friends'..


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