May 3, 2011

Here now..

So, the bags are packed. You ask why so late? well… we ( my mom and me) were just too lazy to get on with the work. We had all the stuff that was needed all piled neatly onto a shelf inside the cupboard, but not packed into a bag. Now, that too has been done. In fact I remember, Babycenter asked me to pack the bag and keep ready as early as 32 weeks, but then I just never did that. Don't ask me why, maybe I thought I would not know what to pack myself, or else because I thought the requirements might be very different if I had happened to deliver way earlier. But now as the time draws close, I see this as something I do not want to leave out, or don't want people to be running around getting the requisite items. 

As I have noticed in the past week, I have been at a alternate day aches and pains routine. I do not know whether it holds any medical importance, but thats something which has been happening all through this week. The days of the aches and pains do end up being quite tiring too, and all I want to do is lie down on the bed. Lying on the bed is also a huge problem now. I turn to my right, then there is some amount of discomfort on the back, and if I turn and lie on my left side, then there is a distinctive lower abdominal pain. Now, that leaves with lying on my back, which is anyways never advised, as it causes all the weight to be pushed onto the spine, the nerves and the veins, which will cause further discomfort in the long run. This has made me think that maybe the baby really doesn't want me to lie down… maybe he/she wants me to walk about, climb up and down stairs or maybe just sit still. 

This week is ideally my last week ending at my due date, and its yet to be seen what will be situation by then. The doc has just asked me to keep a track of baby movements and then wait patiently for my body to decide whats the best. Post the due date we will see what is to be done… maybe wait for a few days more or induce… depending on the situation then. Things are kind of slow now, but then its more like  a calm now and then the whirlwind of activities which will start is something I am yet to prepare myself for. 


  1. relax and dont get tensed we are waiting for the news :)

  2. Best of luck, Dear. Just keep active, and you're going to be fine :-) Have a smooth and safe delivery :-)

  3. @Monika: Thank you.. I am keeping calm... but then once things start to roll... I wonder what will be the situation

    @writerzblock: Thank you :)

  4. Wow! That's close. Enjoy these last few days of child-free existence.

    And I so get you about the sleeping positions. One day, I got totally fed up and actually went and sat on the dining table and slept for an hour with my head on my hands!


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