August 3, 2010

Memories of My Melancholy Whores

A book which has been on my to read list for long. A very quick read, but with some great lines which tend to cast an impression.

The story starts at the 90th birthday of the protagonist, and his wish to sleep with a young virgin. Following this, it moves to show how two people fall in love with each other without themselves being aware of it. Him being a loner and she being poor might be the strongest of reasons to draw them together. His reasons is physical attraction mostly, and hers are just of plain gratitude for someone who has for reasons unknown been overtly nice to her.

One of the phrases which I particularly liked was  

" Fuck all you want, but don't die without fucking in love"

This is said to the protagonist by an old whore-friend.

As I have said, its a quick read and paints a picture of loneliness, old age and the thoughts that crosses the mind of a ninety year old.

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  1. sounds a bit depressing..but interesting plot.

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  4. I wasn't recognising it with the english title but I have read this before. I think you might enjoy Garcia Marquez's earlier books, like the 100 years of solitude and such... :)

  5. @Devil Mood: Perfect.. thats on my to read list. I think I should be able to start with it once I am through with the book I am reading.


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